Elements of a Relaxing Bedroom

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Interior redecorating is often focused on the more “public” spaces in our homes that guests see first, while our private rooms are last on the list.

However, designing our bedrooms to be as comfortable as possible in pursuit of better sleep is an investment in style, comfort and a better quality of life – both while we’re asleep and awake! Here are the key elements in making your bedroom a relaxing sleep retreat:

Elements Of A Relaxing Bedroom

First and foremost: Get the best mattress for your needs – it’s a long-term investment! A good mattress should last you for 7 to 10 years. Prioritize having a bed that gives you maximum comfort and support when you sleep, as it makes a world of difference.
Bed Frame and Headboard

It’s best to find a headboard that can benefit you beyond when you’re just lying down. Having a cushioned headboard can make all the difference in feeling supported and comfy at night – especially if you usually lean against it to read and unwind.

Linens and Pillows

Your investment in quality linens and pillows is almost as important as your mattress. Linens bring you warmth and a level of comfort essential for getting a good night’s rest.

Pillows come in many different shapes and materials, including those specifically designed for spinal support, side sleepers and more. Take time in testing your pillows whenever possible before buying them. Find the right ones that give your back and neck the support you need to avoid aches and pains.

Bedside Table

The ideal nightstand should provide enough space for your daily essentials, such as a glass of water, an alarm clock, and anything else you need near you. It should give you both proper storage and easy access to these things.

Window Treatments

Control the natural brightness that comes into your room from your window with shades or drapes that support your sleeping preferences. Blackout curtains are a good option for those who easily get distracted by light in their environment when they sleep.


Install proper lamps and accents to create a relaxed vibe and atmosphere to your room, avoiding harsh overhead fixtures. Adjustable soft, dim lights are great for setting you in the mood to sleep.

Soothing Colors

Choose a palette that is soothing to the eye and relaxing to your body and mind. Neutrals, whites, grays and muted tones are popular color schemes in the bedroom.

Elements Of A Relaxing Bedroom

Style, comfort and functionality should work hand-in-hand when deciding what belongs in your bedroom – and what doesn’t. Keep work and TV watching out of the space if you want the best sleep environment possible.
Make sure your space is optimized for the best sleeping conditions you can create. You’re sure to look forward to spending your nights there, once it’s an oasis of comfort for you to come home to.
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