How an App Can Make You Sleep Better at Night

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If you’ve been feeling a higher-than-usual amount of stress in your life recently, or not sleeping well, you’re not alone. 


There’s been a significant spike in the number of people reporting sleep problems because of anxieties and uncertainties that came with the pandemic. 


As the world slowly returns to normalcy, we must never forget how important getting restorative sleep every night is for boosting our immunity, improving our emotional health, and reducing our stress levels. 


But how do we actually help ourselves sleep better? 


Some think the only solutions for their sleep problems are pricey products and elaborate treatments, but sometimes the answer is a few simple lifestyle changes. 


We all have acquired some unhealthy modern lifestyle habits, such as watching Netflix or scrolling our way through the internet during bedtime. The blue light from TV and mobile screens often disrupt the circadian rhythm. 


Instead, the best practice is to stay away from this kind of stimuli as much as possible to assure a restful sleep. Learning to naturally calm your mind and body with breathing exercises and meditation is well worth your effort, with short- and long-term benefits. 


Practicing Mindfulness for Better Sleep


“If you’re a busy person, you should meditate. If you’re a really busy person, you should meditate longer,” shares Julie McQueen, of CarbonTV and Carbon Unwind. 


As the founder of an outdoor media company and meditation app, Julie finds that the magic ingredients for mental health and wellness lie at the crossroads of mindfulness and nature.


Being outdoors -- even evoking the imagery of the outdoors -- can provide respite and solace for anyone from weary workaholics to stressed-out students. Just take a moment to imagine a fresh breeze, some raindrops or the sun on your skin, hearing bird calls or the trickle of moving water, seeing a tangle of greenery around a few beautiful flowers… Don’t you feel better already? 


Even if you’re stuck indoors or in the city, there are ways to evoke the calming power of nature with products and habits that can aid you to sleep better at night. 


These include air purifiers, herbal teas and tinctures, aromatherapy bath bombs -- and guided visualizations with the help of meditation apps, like Unwind.

How An App Can Make You Sleep Better At Night


What is a meditation app?


Meditation is a way to find inner peace and navigate life’s stressors by invoking calm, peace and presence. All you need is your mind and a few minutes’ of quiet breathing, but this is often easier said than done.


Apps like Unwind can make all the difference. Unwind is a library of audio content for your mobile device, all of it designed to enhance your practice of mindfulness, improve relaxation and make it easier to fall asleep. 


There are introductions to the basics of meditation, if you are just getting started. Practitioners of all levels will enjoy the soothing visualizations and breathing exercises created by experts. 


There are also Sleep Stories, for both adults and kids, that let you drift off to dreamland with classic excerpts and original narratives based on the majesty of nature.


How An App Can Make You Sleep Better At Night @ Majesticbeds™

Why Use Carbon Unwind?


Unwind is the first app to focus on both sleep and meditation. Consider it your guide to enhancing your life, reducing stress and improving your health through better sleep patterns and mindfulness.


Unwind taps into the power of nature & its lessons on mindfulness to help you sleep better through ecopsychology and the emotional connection between humans and nature. The content and visuals feature breathtaking landscapes from around the world.


The advanced collection of stories and exercises is updated daily, so you need never listen to the same thing twice. It offers breathing exercises and visualizations for all levels, including advanced techniques, to bring you peace and perspective.


Carbon Unwind boasts a dynamic lineup of Storytellers who will help you drift off to sleep, their soothing voices reading stories that are just calm enough to make you sleepy, but interesting enough to entertain your mind as you peacefully drift off. 


Some are written and narrated by Julie McQueen herself. Other narrators include familiar names such as Tiffany Lakosky from The Crush, Robbie Kroger from Blood Origins, Jana Waller of Skull Bound Chronicles, and Laura Zerra from Naked and Afraid.


Some read from their original works, including Julie’s CarbonTV co-founder, David Farbman, sharing from his New York Times best-selling book, The Hunt.

How An App Can Make You Sleep Better At Night

Sleep Stories for Children 


To help your children unwind after a long adventurous day, Unwind features a Kid’s section specifically geared towards young minds. 


Children need more sleep than we do, in terms of quality and quantity. With the rates of depression and anxiety among children at a current high, this is more important than ever. 


Unwind’s Sleep Stories for kids help them fall asleep more peacefully -- without television, social media or unhealthy distractions. 


Bedtime becomes time for imagination with original tales rooted in nature, like The Adventures of Buster Bear, and excerpts from classics, like Peter Pan, chosen for their calming effect. As the story ends, you can decide to continue playing more, or the sounds will gently fade to silence so as not to wake them.

How An App Can Make You Sleep Better At Night

Make Carbon Unwind your Bedtime Buddy


The Unwind app makes a great tool for getting better sleep -- but don’t forget the rest of the equation that equals good sleep hygiene. It’s all about healthy habits AND a superior mattress that will fit your symptoms and needs.


Learn more about our sleep systems at, and take advantage of our limited-time crossover promotion with Unwind! 

For a limited time, any purchase of a MajesticBeds product before will automatically be eligible for a free 90-day subscription to Unwind’s premium library. We want to give you the ultimate experience of physical comfort and mental ease for the best sleep of your life.

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