How our Beds Help Scoliosis

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June is Scoliosis Awareness Month, when we shine light on a progressive condition that affects 2-3% of the population in America, according to AANS.


Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curve of the backbone which often shows up during childhood. Visible symptoms often lead to lower back pain, body stiffness, and fatigue caused by muscle strain.

National Scoliosis Awareness Month is the perfect time to learn more about this condition – and to re-evaluate your current sleeping habits, positions and surfaces to get better sleep, no matter the state of your spinal curvature.


The Right Bed Makes a Difference


Getting quality and restorative sleep is vital to overall health for anyone. A high-quality bed that provides the right comfort and support your body needs will help alleviate many types of pain or sleep symptoms, improve spine alignment, and minimize pressure points.


Going to bed comfortably with a medical condition is almost always challenging, and this is especially true among scoliosis sufferers. While a mattress cannot cure scoliosis, it can be the first step towards alleviating pain and helping people with spinal conditions get better sleep quality.

Best mattress for scoliosis

To find a bed that will help you deal with scoliosis, here are some considerations to look for:


  • Comfortability. You need a mattress that gives proper back support for pain relief. Try different firmness or softness levels for a cozy, restful, and snug surface.

  • Manufacturing and materials. Ask about where the materials are sourced in order to evaluate a bed’s quality. Some foam products are backed with certifications that can indicate the expected performance of a mattress.

  • Warranty policy. Ensure your satisfaction when the maker or seller has a return policy that can protect your investment if you need to have it checked or replaced in the future.

  • Customer reviews. Do your due diligence about the bed you want to get by researching reviews online, comparing the pros and cons of your desired mattress.

  • Affordability. Price is a common consideration for most major purchases. Look into different options (including financing) that could fit your budget and don’t forget to consider taxes, delivery charges, and setup fees.
Woman sleeping on the best mattress for scoliosis

The Way You Sleep Matters, Too


Finding a good sleeping position also promotes relief from discomfort, and the right mattress is one that lets you rest with your spine and joints supported properly. Of course, each person has personal preferences for what feels most comfortable as well.

Here are our experts’ suggestions to help you sleep pain-free:

  • Sleeping on your back can evenly distribute your body weight to prevent stress in any portion of your spine.
  • Side sleeping works best with pillow supports to reinforce your head, torso, and pelvic alignment.


Sleep is Critical

Sleep is critical to our daily energy levels, our health and immunity, and even our mood.
This is especially true for anyone dealing with a chronic pain condition like scoliosis. The persistent pain and discomfort common to this condition can be draining and discouraging.
Getting proper rest in a superior bed can help ensure people with scoliosis or other symptoms and conditions get the quality sleep they need.

Put Restless Nights to Bed with MajesticBeds

Manage your sleep in the best ways possible with the help of our Sleep Experts, who can offer you support and guidance in finding solutions.
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We offer specific designs on our website for individual needs and symptoms to help you enjoy better, more restorative sleep.

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