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It’s a known fact that everyone can benefit from better sleep -- but children truly rely on quality rest to fuel their rapid growth and learning. 


Children require more in terms of quality and quantity sleep to accommodate their growing minds and bodies. Research studies have found that this is essential for memory, immune systems, creativity, focus, responsiveness and school performance. 


Are you ready to make the investment in a sleep surface that will help your child with all that, and more?

What to Consider When Shopping for a Kid’s Mattress 


Finding the right kids mattress may not be as simple as it sounds. Children, after all, have different needs and sleeping habits. 


Retail mattresses are certainly not built for children’s bodies -- even at child-size, they’re just scaled-down versions of low-quality adult mattresses.


Children's beds need to be specifically designed to accommodate their growing height and weight. Aside from that, you also have to factor in your family’s budget, size, support, materials, pressure-relief, temperature-regulation and other requirements. 


With so many different factors to think about and so much at stake, choosing the right mattress can be a bit overwhelming, in fact. But we’re here to help!


There are great options for a moderate price point, but spending more often means more features -- which could also translate into longer, better quality sleep for your child. 

How an App can Make You Sleep Better at Night

Choosing Mattresses for Children with Disabilities


Choosing a mattress for a child with disabilities is tenfold the challenge because of their chronic pain and discomfort. 


These children are more likely to be affected by sleep problems associated with their injury or illness, with some studies reporting a rate as high as 80%. It is therefore even more important to choose a mattress specific to your child’s special needs.


Our friends at Team Abri understand this better than most:


At the age of 7, little Abri was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. At age 9, she lost her left leg to cancer. 


But Abri was a strong girl with big dreams, and this event did not deter her from pursuing them. 


She has celebrated many accomplishments since the amputation. Abri is now a dancer, model and actor, and her whole family launches fundraisers and awareness events in Arizona, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas as the Team Abri Foundation, supporting other families facing childhood cancers.


Like many kids with disabilities, tossing and turning for hours at night was a common experience for Abri, leading to sleep problems and sleep deprivation by her parents and guardians.


“Abri used to complain every night about back pain and being too hot to sleep.” Team Abri shares. “Due to her years in a wheelchair, she developed scoliosis, which makes her back very sore, and the after-effects of chemo mean that her body has a hard time regulating the temperature, so she is always hot.”

How an App can Make You Sleep Better at Night

It’s amazing how often a chronic sleep problem can be alleviated by simply changing your sleep surface. 


“Abri used to sleep with ice packs on her back at night to cool her down and take away her back pain,” shares Team Abri. But since switching to MajesticBeds, they no longer have to do this. 


“If Abri’s back is sore during the day, she will climb into her MajesticBeds, set it at Zero Gravity, lay there for twenty minutes, and the back pain disappears!”


Majestic Embrace for Kids

Specifically created for a child’s formative and growing years, the Majestic Embrace mattress has made a huge difference for so many families.


Originally designed to help relieve moderate to severe joint and muscle stress for children with disabilities and critical illness, the Embrace provides adaptive spinal support and pressure-relieving comfort through our combined patented Ergo Gel and Ergo Transition Layer technology.

This stabilizing support helps to maintain proper posture, even as the spine matures. The Majestic Embrace is engineered to provide a restful and restorative night’s sleep for a growing body!

Team Abri agrees: “This bed has been life-changing! I would definitely recommend it for everyone, even if you don’t have chronic pain -- I even steal naps in it every chance I get. The whole MajesticBeds team is also wonderful to work with and always there to answer any questions or give helpful tips.”

Majestic Embrace designed for children

If you’re still in the dark on what mattress to get for your child, whether they have disabilities or just typical growing pains, we are here for you with options and advice. 


Free to contact us to speak with our Sleep Experts. We would love to help you find the best sleep solution for your family’s needs.

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