Michigan-based Majestic Beds transforms people’s restorative sleep experience with release of new mattresses.

One in three people suffer from back pain on their existing bed – but, with the release of their new mattress technology, Royal Oak-based Majestic Beds is hoping to change that.

“The wrong mattress – including mattresses that have broken down –can adversely affect the body’s ability to recover by creating fatigue, which creates a higher sensitivity to pain and increased danger of injury. But now there is finally a viable solution that specializes in reducing the pain and fatigue many experiences on their existing mattress,” said Alan Martens, founder, and president of Majestic Beds.

The Majestic Fusion Mattress Topper has evolved from an original topper designed for cancer patients experiencing chemotherapy side effects, such as joint pain and night sweats. Now, for the first time, the company is announcing their technological advancements in their mattresses and mattress topper designs to the general public.

Their products use the combination of two patented technologies – an Ergo Gel Layer and an Ergo Transition Layer. The pressure relieving properties of the gel layer are so advanced the layer is used in a number of medical applications to relieve pressure against the patient’s body. The layer absorbs up to 17 degrees more body heat than foam – which guarantees that the body won’t overheat promoting a better sleep environment.

The transition layer is not only designed to complement the gel layer’s comfort but, more importantly, also provides additional spinal support for both back and side sleepers. This layer is so durable that, in tests simulating 10 years of use, the layer only lost approximately 2% of its functionality and integrity.

The historical results of these sleep systems are significant reductions in pain for persons with spinal issues suffering from sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging or ruptured discs, spinal stenosis as well as reducing the pain associated with recovering from spinal surgeries by achieving a better restful, restorative night’s sleep. Other designs have been used to provide better comfort for people suffering from major joint pain as well as promoting better sleep patterns for sleep apnea and cancer patients, as well as MS, MD, and Parkinson patients." Sean Martens, Alan’s son, and vice president of Majestic Beds, said, “With foam beds, you feel like you’re stuck in wet cement. So whenever your body tries to naturally moves throughout the night, you end up fighting against this mattress disrupting your sleep trying to change position.”

“But, with our transition layer, it allows the mattress to form instantly to the body. The second you lay down, the mattress forms to you, and, if you change your sleep position, it instantly conforms to you allowing easy positions changes throughout the night.

This creates a more uniform surface, offering equal counter pressure relief and spinal support throughout the entire surface of the mattress. So, for people with limited mobility, such as those struggling with Parkinson’s disease or paraplegia, they can move easier on this mattress encouraging a higher level of independence.

Another product is the Majestic Pillow, which has a cut-out for the back of the head as well as a slanted cut out for the shoulder for side sleeping. All the pillows come with 2 additional layers to adjust the thickness of the pillow to properly support the cervical curve for back sleepers, as well as maintaining proper spinal support for side sleepers.

“The one thing nobody has control of is what is occurring to the body when you’re sleeping. You are putting all your faith into the actual sleep surface. That’s why we make sure our sleep surfaces create an atmosphere for restorative sleep rather than inhibiting it,” said Sean.

Transforming Sleep

A lack of sleep affects every aspect of a person’s health, including an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and even life expectancy. That’s why Alan decided to get in the mattress business more than 30 years ago – to help change people’s relationship with sleep.

“Our goal is to provide products that lead to healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives for our clients. While we have created an incredible alternative product line in the mattress industry for people in pain, we are continually testing our sleep surfaces to find new applications and to update our findings through extensive research, while also promoting social responsibility and philanthropy,” said Alan.

These mattresses have changed the lives of many people including the Embrace mattress for critical ill children. For example, a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis. His mother sent Alan the child’s X-rays – one from before he slept on the mattress and another six months after.

“His spine returned to a complete normal curve, and they were able to avoid spinal surgery. The only key change in his life was that he was sleeping on a bed that actually promoted proper spinal health and pressure relief, rather than causing pressure and curvature issues on that spine,” said Alan.

“His mother called me, crying, saying that she knew I was old – I’m 70 – but, with the good I am doing for people, I can’t quit. She is right, I cannot quit. It is too fulfilling to see the good we are doing for all ages suffering in pain from their medical symptoms.”

Another person Majestic Beds has helped is Lomas Brown, after 18 years as former NFL offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions. He suffered from shoulder, lower back, and hip pain as a result of the injuries sustained during his career. But, after he started sleeping on this new mattress, this pain – as well as his night sweats – disappeared.

Brown said, “I discovered the Majestic Bed, and it has been a godsend. Now I wake up with no pain and very little
stiffness. I am able to get a full night of restful sleep. I can always tell what a wonderful mattress I have when I travel and stay in hotels and am forced to sleep on their mattresses. I would recommend to any anyone suffering from any type of physical condition to consider this life-changing mattress.” On my Majestic Bed, I sleep pain free with no night sweats. Anyone suffering from any type of painful physical condition should consider these life-changing products. Lomas Brown

Expert Opinions

Dr. Anthony Colucci, Detroit Red Wings head team physician and medical director of the Emergency Department at Henry Ford Hospital in Macomb, “I didn’t realize how an athlete’s sleep can be impacted by their mattress until I witnessed how the technology, support and comfort of Majestic Beds’ mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows can create an enhanced night’s sleep. Quality sleep improves cognitive elements of perception and improves competitive play,” said Dr. Colucci. In addition, Dr. Colucci has found the Majestic pillow has significantly helped his sleep results using his CPAP.”

"Professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB that are using our mattresses, toppers and pillows have given us raving reviews about their sleep and recovery,” said Alan Martens. “Most even travel with the pillows to ensure a better sleep.”

“Personally, I experienced enhanced sleep, recovery and significant pain relief in my shoulder and back when using the Majestic Fusion Topper,” expressed Mike Barwis" CEO Barwis Methods, CEO Barwis Neurological Reengineering & Director of Sports Science and Human Performance for Detroit Redwings.

In addition to professional athletes, cancer patients, and people with cerebral palsy and other medical issues, Majestic Beds also works extensively with disabled veterans. One nonprofit the company supports is VETLIFE, an organization that provides veterans with sustainable solutions while promoting a safer, healthier, and prosperous civilian lifestyle.

Joshua Parish, founder of VETLIFE and an Iraq War veteran, said, “For a number of disabled veterans suffering from spinal and other physical injuries, as well as recovering from surgery, the patented technologies in Majestic Beds sleep systems have helped reduce pain sensitivity, aids in their recovery and improves their quality of life. We work with Majestic Beds because of their dedication to improving the lives of veterans and their families through their state-of-the-art technology."

That’s why, when Alan or his team talks with potential customers, they don’t have to pressure them into buying the product – because, with its consistent 5-start ratings, the mattress sells itself.

“Our guarantee is Majestic Beds will create a better sleep surface than any other mattress based on your individual needs. We back it up with a comfort exchange, where we will reevaluate a client and decide what we need to change in their mattress. If a client works with us, we know we will get them as good as they can be on a mattress.”

"In all these applications the goal is to help reduce their pain to help them cope better with their symptoms and improve their quality of life hopefully for years to come", he said.

For more information about Majestic Beds and to shop their products, visit majesticbed.com or their store at 32364 Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak, MI.