Professional NFL, NBA, and MLB Athletes and Coaches Endorse Detroit-Based Majestic Beds

The retail mattress company’s three patented technologies provide relief to those suffering from pain for enhanced sleep and recovery.



Current and retired NFL, NBA, and MLB professional athletes and coaches have endorsed Majestic Beds, the only retail mattress company in the nation originating from the healthcare industry with almost 30 years of experience, combining up to three patented technologies to provide relief from those suffering from chronic pain. Majestic Beds is also the only retail bedding company that helps relieve the pain associated with medical symptoms, physical deformities, or those recovering from surgery for a more restorative night’s sleep.


“After eighteen years of using my body as a human shield to protect and serve on the football field, the issues that I have include chronic neck pain, back disc problems, as well as hip and leg problems,” said 18-year NFL veteran, XXXVII Super Bowl Champion, and retired Detroit Lions player Lomas Brown. “After one week of sleeping on my Majestic Beds mattress, it was the first time in about three years that I was able to sleep on my side and hip with no pain or numbness and I can sleep flat on my back knowing that my lumbar is supported because of the design and research they have done.”


“I’ve had sleep apnea for several years and even with my CPAP machine I’ve never gotten the restful sleep that I’ve needed. The first night on my Majestic Beds Solution, I slept two hours longer than I normally do,” said 18-year NFL veteran, XXVIII Super Bowl Champion, and retired Detroit Lions player Eddie Murray. “I’ve also found great results using the Majestic Beds pillow. I have neck issues from all the years of playing soccer, rugby, and football and have found great relief. The difference between Majestic Beds and every other commercial bed company is Majestic Beds gets medical relief results for your ailments, all other companies claim they get them but have no medical testimonial support of what they claim.”


By combining the unique patent technologies found in the mattress and mattress topper designs, Majestic Beds has created durable sleep surfaces that promote stabilizing spinal support and adaptive comfort that does not restrict circulation and absorbs up to 17 degrees more body heat than foam. Majestic Beds’ designs promote proper spine alignment and reduce pressure on sensitive joints, which relaxes muscle groups and does not restrict circulation.


“This promotes a more restful night’s sleep that helps relieve fatigue which in turn reduces pain sensitivity associated with medical conditions and physical injuries,” said Majestic Beds Founder W. Alan Martens. “Retail bedding companies make no such representations because they are not designed to do this. The lighter density foam used in typical retail beds are not designed to provide the additional support and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep, especially for people suffering from chronic pain.”


The human body is designed for back or side sleeping but, in the U.S., it is estimated that two thirds of the population either sleep on their stomach or curled up in a ball known as the fetal position. This is the body’s natural defense to protect itself from excess counter pressure and pain caused by typical retail mattresses.


“From the NBA and since retiring I’ve been in agonizing back pain,” said 20-year NBA veteran, NBA champion and retired Detroit Pistons player Rick Mahorn. “Over the years I have tried multiple mattresses, but nothing helped. The Majestic Topper changed my whole life, especially when traveling on the road. My mattress topper provides both comfort and support when I sleep.”


Majestic Beds sleep products are currently providing relief to players and coaches from several MLB teams who are using the Majestic Fusion Toppers for travel, Solution l Mattresses at home, or Majestic Pillows. Every single player has reported improved sleep patterns that are essential to better enable an athlete’s body to recover from injury/competition and return to play faster.


“Everyone on our staff who has used the Majestic Pillow, including myself, have experienced an immediate reduction of neck and shoulder pain,” said Texas Rangers Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jose Vasquez.


“I was trying to find a mattress topper for the season that would help me rest and recover,” said Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Zach McKinstry. “I have had issues with my lower back, hips, and shoulders in the past along with waking up in the middle of the night due to my legs and arms being numb. I was recommended to Majestic Beds. My new topper has been amazing. I feel rested and alert throughout the day. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night and my body has never felt so good at the end of the season.”


NHL players are also experiencing amazing results after using Majestic Beds products as seven to eight hours of improved sleep patterns is essential to better enable an athlete’s body to recover from injury and return to play faster.


“I didn’t realize how an athlete’s sleep can be impacted by their mattress until I witnessed how the technology, support and comfort of Majestic Beds mattresses, mattress toppers, and travel mattress toppers sleep surfaces can create an enhanced night’s sleep,” said Detroit Red Wings Head Team Physician Anthony Colucci, D.O., F.A.C.E.P. “Quality sleep improves cognitive elements of perception and improves competitive play. I recommend Majestic Beds for improving sleep and recovery as it helps reduce pain sensitivity for an athlete as well as for a patient."


Over the next year, Majestic Beds plans to fund further testing through independent sleep studies on the benefits of Majestic’s sleep surfaces for reducing pain associated with select medical symptoms, physical disabilities, and those recovering from back surgeries. For more information, to view pressure mapping, and to see all athlete testimonials, visit


About Majestic Beds:
The owner, W. Alan Martens original design originated almost 30 years ago in the healthcare industry as a mattress topper for cancer patients to relieve joint pain and absorb night sweats. Over the years his designs have evolved into the Majestic Beds mattress, mattress toppers, and pillow designs that are 100% made in the USA. Majestic Beds is the only retail bedding company whose designs use up to three patented technologies in each of its mattresses and mattress toppers to create the support and comfort needed to help relieve the pain associated with medical symptoms, physical deformities, or recovering from surgery for a more restful, restorative night’s sleep. Majestic Beds has expanded into professional sports and was involved in an 18-month sleep study with the Special Forces in which the Fusion topper increased not only Deep and REM Sleep Patterns but also recovery and training performance for the participants using the topper. While working with a range of clients including Children with Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Pain sufferers, to professional athletes, Majestic Beds is proud to have one of the lowest return rates in the industry (less than 1% compared to industry average of 20+%). For more information, visit