The Future of Sleep:

Latest Advancements and Innovations in the Field

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Sleep is no longer boring.


In fact, the business of sleep is now becoming one of the hottest growing markets worldwide. The Sleep Aids Industry is estimated to be worth $114.15 billion by 2025, according to an exclusive report by Infinium Global Research.


Advancements in Sleep Science


The world is taking notice of how profitable sleep can be, and are pouring more research and investment into the field. Better sleep can be achieved through technology and science.

Better sleep, of course, is not just about ‘feeling good’ or ‘being energized’ the next day. There are also long-term health implications that cannot be ignored. Poor quality sleep can increase the risk of weight gain, heart attack and stroke by up to 200%.

Modern lifestyles also seem to have spurred a prevalence of sleep disorders, mainly caused due to pre-existing health conditions, psychological disorders, environmental and lifestyle changes, and mental stress.
Helping people achieve better sleep is the next step towards improving our well-being and taking steps towards longevity. Companies and startups are starting to take notice and have accelerated innovation in the field of sleep.
Get to know the latest innovations in mattresses and sleep products, and how it could impact the future of sleep.


Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping works by placing a grid of pressure-sensitive sensors, usually of piezoresistive (piezoelectric) crystals on a flat surface, and the mapping system creates an image of the individual's pressure profile.
The tool charts and determines where the pressure is applied on different areas as the person lies across the surface. When a mattress is designed, pressure mapping is used to chart areas that will support the person or persons using it.
Pressure mapping is not exactly new to the industry -- the technology has been used for decades to design, evaluate and test mattresses. More recently, it has been helpful in matching consumers with the right mattress according to their needs.
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Adjustability Features

Adjustable features such as zero-gravity or programmable positions have been out in the market for a while now. These types of adjustable bases offer flexibility that allow you to adjust to different positions for sitting upright to watch TV, read, or work from bed.
The more technology progresses, the more adjustability is afforded to us. There are now mattresses ​​that automatically sense user movements and adjust in real-time - such as changing the pressure or position and combat tossing-and-turning, snoring, sleep apnea, discomfort, and more.


Sensory Control

Sleeping aids have also upped their game in improving gadgets and products that remove external distractions that might disturb slumber using light, noise, sound and scent control. For example, Dreamlight is a band that covers the eyes and uses light, color and sound to keep the user sleeping soundly during the night.
We’re also seeing a handful of companies that infuse aromatherapy solutions into sleep, infusing relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile, and non-hallucinogenic CBD oil to promote restfulness.

Sleep Apps and Wearables

Wearables and apps are now designed with the goal of getting users into restorative and peaceful sleep. For example, Philips’ SmartSleep headband is a wearable and mobile app clinically proven to improve the quality of your sleep with promising potential. In fact, it’s been selected by a NASA-funded institute for studies to help improve sleep and behavioral health with astronauts.
There are now several apps that help support sleep: including Unwind, a mindfulness and relaxation app with soothing sleep stories. Another one is ​​Shleep, a unique sleep-coaching platform that delivers tailormade sleep advice each night.


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The pace of innovation is accelerating at a speed with no signs of snoozing. The next few years may revolutionize how we sleep. Restorative and restful sleep is at our fingertips -- soon, thanks to technology, poor sleep will become a ‘thing of the past’. That’s what the whole sleep industry is working towards.
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