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Everyone has been facing unique challenges lately -- physically, emotionally and mentally. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, transforming or adjusting how we work, how we interact, and even how we sleep. 


Sleeping is a fundamental aspect of a healthy life, even if underrated and understated at times. 


People who don’t get enough sleep are at increased risk of heart and kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, obesity and more. Besides the physical and chronic conditions, lack of sleep can also lead to a decrease in focus and critical thinking, and an increase in stress. 


These effects will invariably spill over, leading to problems at work, school and in relationships. 


“But the sleeping products on the market don’t work for me!”

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Your quality of sleep could boil down to the sleep surface or product you’re sleeping on.

Certain products just don’t work as effectively. Here’s why:


  • Many sleep products are not built to last. They are made with cheap materials and start to lose form and support within six months, encouraging consumers to purchase new beds more frequently. 
  • Poor sleep surfaces can lead to increased sensitivity and pain in the spine and joints, disrupting the healing process that is supposed to take place while we sleep. 
  • Few sleeping products offer high-density memory foam that alleviates pressure. Without this, they may even do more harm than good by putting too much pressure on the joints and body.
Woman Back Pain From Bad Mattress

Sleep is an investment that will net you major returns to your well-being -- and one of the best ways to ensure good sleep is with a quality sleep surface -- but that’s not the only secret we have to share!


The purpose for launching this blog is to educate more people about sleep: Why it’s important, how to achieve good sleep, and more about sleep maintenance and slumber. 


The Daily Doze is your best resource for getting the best sleep!


A Letter from W. Alan Martens, Founder of MajesticBeds

Dear Reader,


I have dedicated over a third of my life to researching and designing sleep surfaces. My mission has been to achieve a more restful, restorative night’s sleep -- to help reduce fatigue and sensitivity to pain for people like you. 


To achieve these benefits, a sleep surface must provide:


  • Stabilizing spinal support,
  • Pressure-relieving, adaptive comfort,
  • Cushioning and conforming around tender joints to reduce painful counter-pressure,
  • Comfort layers that do not restrict circulation, and
  • The capability to absorb excess body heat all night long.


MajesticBeds™ began in the healthcare industry as a mattress topper designed to relieve the sleep-related side-effects of chemotherapy. 


Doctors and patients were contacting us and wanting to know if there was anything they could lay on to help reduce the painful counter-pressure from mattresses on their tender joints and absorb the hot flashes and night sweats... There wasn’t.

We developed a 2nd generation, hybrid memory-foam topper that did not reflect body heat and reduced the counter pressure. The results were nothing short of amazing. 


It was incredibly comfortable, easy to move on, stayed cool all night long, and worked on every mattress. Within 3 years, we started to design mattresses using this foam to help provide proper spinal support, adaptive comfort, and pain relief.

Today, MajesticBeds™ offers a line of mattress toppers, mattresses and sleep systems designed to help address sleeplessness, fatigue and pain associated with a range of medical symptoms -- including chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia and hypertension.

Imagine how comfortable a mattress would have to be to help someone suffering from one or more of these issues to achieve more restful, restorative sleep! 


The typical retail innerspring mattresses, air mattresses, retail memory foam, and especially the so-called “bed in a box” mattresses can’t achieve that. They are not designed to. Typical retail beds are built with inexpensive, inferior components designed to break down quickly in a few years -- creating enough discomfort and body stress to force you to buy a new mattress generally within 6 years. 


At MajesticBeds,™ our full-replacement warranty is 15 years. That speaks for itself!

Over the years, the MajesticBed™ designs have evolved far beyond our original mattresses and mattress toppers. We operate two factories, one in Georgia and another in Michigan, and will soon utilize a third, in California. We utilize up to 3 patented technologies as well as our proprietary 2nd generation liquid-gel-infused, high-density memory foam in our mattress and topper designs. Our key, pressure-relieving layer is used in medical applications, too.

The goal of our Daily Doze: Your Guide On All Things Sleep, From A to Zzzs! is to educate you on what will work for you, but even more importantly, to compare products that will not work and show why. We want to give you the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about sleep, and determine what solutions will best meet your needs.


Let us know how we can assist you!



W. Alan Martens, Founder of Majestic Beds

At Majestic Beds, Restorative sleep is our mission. 


We’re so glad you’ve joined us here to learn more about how to improve quality of sleep and quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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