Why You Should Sleep on a Zero-Gravity Bed

Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Each comes with its own pros and cons. But even when lying on the most comfortable bed and in your preferred position, you might still experience some discomfort or pain – and your bed and sleeping position can even be the source of your pains.
If you want to eliminate aches and pains and reliably get deep restorative sleep, it’s best to trust the rocket scientists. Seriously. Here’s what they say: The best way is to sleep in a zero-gravity position.

First off, what is the Zero Gravity Position?

Originally developed by NASA, the Zero Gravity or Zero-G concept was used by astronauts to create a neutral body position in order to equalize and reduce pressure during lift-off.
The position is characterized by:

  • Upper body at a 120-degree angle bend to distribute weight evenly
  • Thighs and torso aligned with the upper body and raised from the hip
  • Legs and head are elevated

Gravity may help us keep our feet firmly on the ground here on Earth, but it is also responsible for bodily aches and pressure by its constant downward pull.
By fighting the forces of gravity and lying in a zero-gravity position, you can relieve the body of tension and thereby optimize your sleep.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleep


  • It’s easier to get deeper and therefore healthier sleep. The position makes you feel almost weightless, allowing a comfortable and luxurious slumber.
  • It relieves neck, back, and joint pain. The spine is relieved from pressure in a neutral position, which will allow you to rest pain-free.
  • It promotes easier breathing and can eliminate snoring. Breathe better to sleep better: airways are kept open by keeping your head and chest up for better airflow.
  • It boosts digestion. Gravity can work against your digestive system when lying down. Slowed-down digestion can result in health issues such as heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. The 120-degree position allows food to move through the body and lets you sleep better through the night.
  • It reduces swelling, pressure, and inflammation.
  • It improves heart health and blood circulation. With the legs elevated above the chest, you reduce swelling in the extremities, reduce blood clots and other heart diseases.

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Not just for astronauts anymore, Zero Gravity position is available to you, too!

Majestic Bed Adjustable Power Base
Majestic Bed Adjustable Power Base

Full Adjustability for Well-Designed Comfort

Majestic Remedy has a fully adjustable, edge-to-edge lumbar section for the optimal zero-gravity position. From specific symptoms or general aches, you get a customized solution with the following features:

  • Neck tilt and support
  • Built-in wave massage
  • One-touch zero-gravity with customizable presets
  • Edge-to-edge lumbar section
  • Anti-snore capabilities
  • USB ports for charging your gadgets and devices

The neutral position can benefit everyone, especially seniors and those with health conditions. Pain-free sleep can now be within reach!
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