It is estimated that 1 out of 3 Americans have difficulty lying in bed because of back pain.

One significant reason for this is – your mattress. Beginning in 2001, virtually all national brands and off-brand retail mattress companies began utilizing lighter, cheaper foams designed to break down faster so they could sell more beds during your lifetime. In fact, you can spend up to $2000 for a retail mattress from one of these competing retail brands and it will begin to break down within 6 to 18 months. It will need to be completely replaced within 6 years.

As the mattress breaks down, the increased counter pressure can twist the spine by resisting the weight of the shoulders and hips. This results in several negative consequences. Poor support that is provided by the broken-down mattress contorts the back and body, resulting in bone and muscle stress, discomfort, and poor sleep.

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This creates greater pressure point pain on shoulders, hips and, thighs, disrupting cell structure and constricting the veins. This pressure impairs circulation, forcing the heart rate to increase causing the heart to pump harder to keep blood flowing. This forces blood pressure to climb, further stressing your body.

Your body can toss and turn up to 200 times a night to relieve this painful counter pressure. The more restless you are, the less rest your body gets.

If this is you…It probably began with soreness, but quickly intensified into stiffness and then pain. This can become more intense over time. This is because your mattress sleep surface is contorting your back and body, causing spinal, disc, and muscle stress.
In the beginning, for the relief of chronic back pain, we designed a 10" thick mattress using our 2nd generation high density (H.D.) memory foam for our comfort layer that did not reflect body heat. It was fast recovering, unaffected by room temperature, and did not smell like traditional retail memory foam. The mattress achieved incredible results. These results were further validated after one of the top medical schools completed an independent medical study that was limited to individuals under a physician's care for chronic lower back pain. The results from sleeping on an HD memory foam mattress showed 90% of the participating individuals slept longer and better each night, along with a reduction in lower back pain, a decrease in daytime sleepiness, and an improvement in both mental and physical health.
While the information in this independent study further validated our claims, our mattress designs have evolved over the years into our dynamic MajesticBed sleep systems. For chronic back pain, MajesticBeds offers 4 designs providing durable sleep surfaces offering different levels of superior spinal support with individualized pressure-relieving comfort, do not restrict circulation, and absorb excess body heat to help promote a more restorative, restful night's sleep.
  • Majestic Plus offers the most pressure with adaptive support for individuals weighing up to 220 lbs.
  • MajesticBed offers soothing pressure relieving comfort with adaptive spinal support for individuals weighing up to   240 lbs.
  • Majestic Solution I offers firm stabilizing spinal support for chronic back pain especially targeting a feeling of fuller support for the lumbar curve for individuals weighing up to 240 lbs.
  • MajesticBed Solution II offers the firmest stabilizing spinal support for severe back pain for individuals weighing up to 260 lbs.
These 4 MajesticBed Sleep Systems offer 4 different designs, utilizing pressure relieving layers for the individualized spinal support and comfort needed to relieve spinal stress, pain, and increased mobility to help relieve pain sensitivity from the symptoms of chronic back pain by utilizing our different layers.
  • The patented Ergo Gel, absorbs excess body heat while its pressure-relieving design relieves painful hip and shoulder counter pressure.
  • The proprietary Ergo Comfort Layer molds to your body contours to create proper spinal support, while reacting immediately to changes in your sleeping position.
  • The patented Ergo Transition Layer enhances the comfort layers' ability to conform around the shoulders and hips while minimizing surface counter pressure to help relieve shoulder and hip pain.
  • The Ergo Core's heavy density base foam creates the firmness needed to provide proper spinal support to help address chronic back pain and disc issues.

Ready to find the best mattress for your symptoms?

Explore our line of life changing sleep systems !