ERGO Comfort


Save $2500!

Vs. Tempurpedic Soft Lux Adapt

The most advanced & comfortable “bed-in-a-box” available

Don’t get stuck in the retail “bed-in-a-box’’ trap of overpromising and underperforming.

It is no secret that the retail “bed-in-a-box’’ designs simply do not work. They use cheap and often imported, inferior materials that are designed to breakdown quickly, leading to an underperforming sleep surface. But when you need help resolving these issues the company is nowhere to be found.

This is what led us to create the Ergo Comfort™, specifically designed to Adapt to the individual body contours for proper spinal support & personalized body comfort leading to a more restful, restorative night’s sleep.

The Ergo Comfort™ provides pressure relieving comfort for mild to moderate joint pain and pressure sensitivity. While promoting proper spinal support for to help provide relief for mild to moderate back pain for both back and side sleepers.





Save $2500!

Vs. Tempurpedic Soft Lux Adapt

Adapts to your individual body contours for proper spinal support and personalized body comfort for a more restful, restorative night’s sleep

The Ergo Comfort design has created one of the most comfortable “bed in a box” sleep surfaces. By using 4 of our proven layers to provides cushioning envelopment around painful joints and pressure sensitive areas and increased spinal support.


  1. Ergo Comfort Layer (2): Proprietary gel-infused 2nd generation HD memory foam that is a higher density than any traditional retail foam.
  2. Ergo Transition Layer: Patented technology is designed to increase the recovery of the other comfort layers, allowing the mattress to form instantly to the body eliminated the “being stuck wet cement” and “sinking” feeling found in retail mattresses.
  3. Ergo Core: The highest density core in the market, specially designed to provide a full edge-to-edge sleep surface for stabilizing spinal support and enhanced comfort for both back and side sleepers.

This sleep surface does not restrict circulation and absorbs excess body heat to sleep cooler than any other “bed in a box” sleep surface.

The sleep surface does not telegraph your partner’s motion and can reduce the need to toss and turn by up to 80% per night.

The four-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen resistant, and its cooling technology fabric helps pass excess body heat through the cover to absorb excess body heat all night long.

The no-flip, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-dust mite mattress is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Weight – Supports up to 240 lbs. per side

Profile: 10 inches

Anti-dust mite and antimicrobial treatment

Premium fabric cover

  • Four-way stretch cover with cooling technology
  • Helps absorb excess body heat all night long
  • Allergen and microbial resistant
  • Minimizes the telegraphing of your partner’s movement

Ergo Comfort Layer

  • Our exclusive proprietary liquid gel-infused second generation HD memory foam
  • Up to twice as dense as any other retail foam
  • Creates superior comfort and spinal support needed to help reduce fatigue and pain
  • Does not harden in cooler room temperatures like retail memory foam, which increases counter pressure 
  • Does not soften in warmer room temperatures like memory foam, which causes loss of  support 
  • Instantly molds to the body, with no “being stuck wet cement” or “sinking” feeling
  • No memory foam smell or odor

Ergo Transition Layer

  • Patented technology
  • Increases the recovery of the other layers, allowing for a sleep surface that is easy to turn on
  • Promotes a less disruptive sleep, reducing the need to toss and turn by up to 80% a night
  • Helps provide stabilizing spinal support
  • Increases the durability and lifespan of the mattress, limiting layer breakdown

Core Layer

  • Highest density core available
  • Full edge-to-edge support, with no loss of stability when laying near the edge
  • Most retail companies use lighter density cores that lose up to 40% of the mattress’s durability once it is compressed

15-Year Warranty

A body impression of over ½ inch in the first 10 years is considered a failed mattress, and in years 11 to 15, a body impression over 1 inch is considered a failed mattress. In addition, Majestic Beds offer a mattress exchange option with its warranty. Please review the Majestic warranty for a complete explanation of all terms and conditions. Learn more about the warranty here.

13 reviews for ERGO Comfort

  1. Chuck and Barb J.

    After a few months of using our Majestic Mattress we required an adjustment in mattress firmness. Without question or hesitation, they re-evaluated our condition and recommended a change they then built us a new Majestic Mattress to improve our sleep comfort. I highly recommend the Majestic Sleep Systems to improve overall sleep comfort and aid in pain management

  2. Sarah Moss

    My shopping experience was great – no pressure or underhanded sales gimmicks. Alan was very honest and knowledgeable, so I took the splurge and invested in a new bed and memory pillow. I was surprised the mattress wasn’t too firm for me, as I used to sleep on a pillow-top mattress. Definitely an upgrade over the former mattress that started sagging in the middle! Will definitely consider for future purchases.

  3. Fiona Shay

    I got an Ergo Comfort and it’s been working out super well! I was looking into new mattresses due to getting sharp pain in my back when I slept on the previous mattress + a memory foam topper, if I slept on my back for more than a couple hours without changing position. I thought it might have been an issue with my back or the position that I’m sleeping in, but nope… I’ve been using Ergo Comfort for a few months now, and the pains never came back, no matter how long I slept. Very worth it!

  4. Venetia A.

    Majestic beds has given me the best bed I ever could have imagined. It’s so wonderful that my bed is my favorite place in the house! I can’t wait to get into it at the end of the day and I don’t want to get out if it in the morning. The mattress is so comfortable. It gives my back exactly the support I need while still being soft and cozy. I love the zero gravity setting, the wave mode, and the under bed light. When I have trouble sleeping due to stress, I truly appreciate being able to adjust the settings and let the wave mode ease me back into slumber. I cannot say enough good things about my bed from Majestic. Did I mention this wonderful bed cost less than the Temperpedic we used to have? And infinitely better!

  5. Kate Lazarski

    By far the best mattress/pillow I have ever slept on! My back had been so bad for years and I never knew what the cause was. The first night I slept on Majestic Beds I felt better. I can honestly say I will not go back to any other mattress after this. The cooling topper is such a game changer, too!!

  6. MacKenzie Clark

    After seeing the instagram posts of Zach Mckinstry, we knew this was going to be the next mattress purchase we make, and BOY did it not disappoint!! My fiance and I have had the best nights sleeps we’ve ever had, we are able to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly! I have told so many people about this company because I could not love it anymore! We will definitely be looking at the pillows for our next purchase from them!

  7. Ben T. Conton Mi

    My Wife and I both have sleep apnea. We had been searching for a new mattress for quite a while and a family member told us about how much they loved their Majestic Bed. We have had ours for 3 years now and have loved every night of it. It has been everything we hoped for and more.

  8. James Ebaugh

    Never slept better. Excellent quality and exceeds expectations.

  9. Rachel M.

    I am sleeping soundly through the night! I don’t wake up with any neck pain. I’m amazed at how it keeps me at a comfortable temperature too

  10. Rita Wilson

    Absolutely LOVE this bed. One year later it is just as comfortable as the first night we slept in it. My husband can have his head raised while I can have the feet raised. Well worth the money.

  11. Christina K.

    Our Majestic Mattress has helped with our neck, shoulder, and back pain. We are both sleeping much better now. Being able to adjust the head and foot of the bed has made a huge difference on how we both sleep.

  12. Hellen W.

    We are sleeping much better. I no longer wake up with swollen feet. Hubby has slept much better too. LOVE the duel adjustable bases! Miss them when we travel.

  13. Anne W.

    My new mattress is fantastic. I can definitely feel the extra support in how my body responds after a full nights sleep. It is the absolutely best investment I could’ve made!!

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