Majestic Deluxe Topper

The only dual sided mattress topper with two patented technologies to reduce painful counter pressure and enhance spinal support

  • One side for superior pressure relief
  • Reduces painful counter pressure<
  • Conforms around sensitive joints
  • Personalized body comfort
  • One side to enhance spinal support
  • Does not reflect body heat

The only dual sided mattress topper with two patented technologies, promoting advanced pressure relief from your mattress’s painful counter pressure and a cooling comfort sleep surface

The Majestic Deluxe Topper™ design has created one of the most comfortable dual sleep surfaces that immediately adapts to your unique body shape in ultra-conforming comfort and support, eliminating the painful counter pressure of your mattress. The Majestic Deluxe Topper makes every memory foam topper obsolete because ours does not reflect heat, does not smell, uses fast recovery layers for easier turning, and molds to individual body shapes for truly personalized comfort and support.

The Majestic Deluxe Topper uses patented technology in its Ergo Cushion Layer to provide personalized body comfort and unsurpassed pressure management by providing cushioning comfort around hips and shoulders for both back and side sleepers.  

The patented technology found in the Ergo Transition Layer provides enhanced spinal support that promotes proper spinal posture for individual body shapes to help relieve back pain for both back and side sleepers.  

In addition, the topper surface does not restrict circulation and absorbs excess body heat to sleep cool all night long, creating one of the most comfortable dual toppers available.

Using the Ergo Cushion Layer on top provides a softer, advanced pressure relief for deep relaxation, while the Ergo Transition Layer provides stabilizing support. Reversing the layers and using the Ergo Transition Layer on top creates a slightly firmer, more stabilizing support, while the Ergo Cushion Layer on the bottom provides the pressure relief for truly personalized comfort. 



Our 2-inch thick Majestic Deluxe dual sided topper combines the patented technologies ofour Ergo Cushion Layer and Ergo Transition Layer for the perfect mixture of advanced pressure relief for deep relaxation and support.   

  • The dual sided Majestic Deluxe Topper provides two different firmness options in one topper to provide pain relieving, cushioning envelopment around tender joints as well as adaptive body comfort and personalized support for a deeper level of relaxation for a more restful restorative night’s sleep. Both sides provide a surface that make it easy to change sleeping positions.
  • The stretch cover with our cooling technology absorbs excess body heat and passes it through to the Ergo Layers in the topper for a cooler, more relaxing sleep surface.  

This topper is recommended for body weights up to 220 lbs. using soft to firm constructed mattresses that are not currently providing the comfort needed for a better night’s sleep.

Weight - Supports up to 220+ lbs.per side.

  1. The counter pressure against shoulder has been eliminated by the Majestic Fusion Topper providing soothing enveloping comfort around the joint.
  2. The spine is now properly supported and aligned from the hips through the shoulders minimizing the chance of spinal stress and allowing the muscles to relax.
  3. Majestic Fusion Topper has eliminated the retail mattress’s painful counter pressure against the hips. The hips are now properly aligned allowing the hips and lower back muscles to relax.; and spine is properly supported and aligned.
Key Features

Profile: 2 inches


Anti-Dust Mite and Antimicrobial treatment

The premium fabric mattress cover and components hinders the growth of dust mites and microbial organisms


Ergo 4-way super-stretch cover with its cooling technology fabric.

This helps pass excess body heat through its cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer. Also, the super-stretch properties minimize telegraphing your partner’s motion to help provide an undisturbed night’s sleep.


2 Ergo Comfort Layers

The Majestic Deluxe Topper utilizes two patented layers in a dual-sided design.  The patented technology of the Ergo Cushion Layer side of the topper offers just the right envelopment around tender joints for personalized, pressure relieving adoptive comfort and spinal support.  The Ergo Cushion Layer molds immediately to your body and any change in your sleeping position. The Ergo Cushion Layer absorbs excess body heat at all night long.The patented technology of the Ergo Transition Layer creates unparalleled pressure relieving comfort while promoting proper spinal support for enhanced body comfort.


10-Year Warranty

A body impression of over ½-inch over 10 years is considered a failed topper and will be fully replaced. See warranty for full details.  The cost of purchased topper may be discounted from a future mattress purchase. Learn more about the warranty here.

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  1. Jesse Smith

    Being a former college athlete I suffered from bad back pain and a previous shoulder injury. After using Majestic Beds, I noticed a increase in my sleep quality and my body felt more rested after a night of rest! I highly recommend Majestic Beds to everyone looking for pin relief and better sleep quality.

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