Majestic Deluxe Topper

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Dual Sided

Enhances Pressure Relief

Increases Support

Majestic Deluxe Topper

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The only dual sided mattress topper that combines two patented technologies for superior pressure relief and enhanced spinal support.

  • One side for superior pressure relief
  • One side to enhanced spinal support
  • Reduces painful counter pressure
  • Conforms around sensitive joints
  • Personalized body comfort
  • Does not reflect body heat


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The Majestic Promise

Our goal is to provide all of our clients the proper sleep products and expertise to obtain a truly restful, restorative night sleep. No matter the symptoms, or the needs we are here to help you obtain a better quality life through the power of sleep.

10 Year Warranty

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The Majestic Deluxe Topper™ design has created one of the most comfortable dual sleep surfaces that immediately adapts to your unique body shape in ultra-conforming comfort and support, eliminating the painful counter pressure of your mattress.

  • The dual sided design provides two different sleep surface options in one topper to provide pressure relief around tender joints as well as enhanced spinal support for a more restful restorative night’s sleep.
  • The stretch cover with uses cooling technology absorbs excess body heat for a cooler, more relaxing sleep surface.


What Makes it Different From Other Toppers?

  • Does not reflect heat
  • Uses fast recovery layers for easier turning
  • Forms instantly to individual body shapes for personalized comfort and support
  • Does not smell


How does each side work?

Using the Ergo Cushion Layer on top provides a softer, advanced pressure relief for deep relaxation, while the Ergo Transition Layer provides stabilizing support. Reversing the layers and using the Ergo Transition Layer on top creates a slightly firmer, more stabilizing support, while the Ergo Cushion Layer on the bottom provides the pressure relief for truly personalized comfort.

Recommended for body weights up to 220 lbs. using soft to firm constructed mattresses that are not currently providing the comfort or support needed for a better night’s sleep.

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