Majestic Solution I

Save $1500!

Vs. Tempurpedic Firm Lux Breeze

Designed to Provide Strong Stabilizing Spinal Support.

Instantly Adapts to Your Body with Ultra Conforming Comfort & Firmer Support.

The MAJESTIC-Solution I mattress provides stabilizing spinal support and soothing body comfort for people recovering from spinal surgery and those suffering from disc issues and chronic back pain.

Originally custom made for Dr. Beth L. in 2014, who was suffering from severe, chronic lower back pain caused by two herniated discs. She was in terrible pain during the night that made sleeping on her retail air mattress impossible.

The MAJESTIC-Solution I is designed to provide superior adaptive spinal support needed for proper spinal alignment for chronic back pain, bulging discs, ruptured discs, and herniated discs. It provides personalized comfort for back-and side-sleeping positions.



Majestic Solution I™

The MAJESTIC-Solution I design incorporates 4 Ergo layers and 1 support layer to provide stabilizing spinal support and enhance body conforming comfort.

Our Ergo Gel Layer sleeps cooler and more comfortable by absorbing more excess body heat, than any other retail bed.

The top layer is our Ergo Gel which provides pressure relief and absorbs excess body heat. Next, is an Ergo Comfort Layer made of our liquid gel infused 2nd generation HD memory foam. Then, an Ergo Support Layer which is on top of an Ergo Transition Layer, followed by a second Ergo Comfort Layer to provide superior support.

The mattress design relieves pressure point pain on sensitive shoulders, hips, knees, and heels, while promoting proper spinal posture and promotes unrestricted circulation for a better night’s sleep.

The edge-to-edge sleep surface independently molds to each person’s body mass. The fast recovery surface makes it easier to change sleeping positions.

The sleep surface does not telegraph your partner’s motion while reducing the need to toss and turn.

The 4-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen resistant, and with its cooling technology fabric, it helps pass excess body heat through its cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer.

The MAJESTIC-Plus is recommended for those suffering from sciatica, scoliosis, disc issues, arthritis, hip/shoulder replacement, fibromyalgia, MS, MD, limited mobility, pressure-sensitive sleepers, sleeping too hot, and circulation issues.

The no-flip, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-dust mite mattress is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Weight – Supports up to 220lbs. per side.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Profile 11 inches
  • Anti-Dust Mite and Antimicrobial treatment The mattress cover and components hinders the growth of dust mites and microbial organisms Premium Fabric Cover
  • Ergo 4-way super-stretch cover with its cooling technology fabric. This helps pass excess body heat through its cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer. Also, the super-stretch properties minimize telegraphing your partner's motion to help provide an undisturbed night's sleep.
  • Sleeps Cooler Than Any Other Retail Sleep Surface Ergo Gel absorbs more excess body heat than any other competing retail sleep surface. The Ergo Gel Layer works by absorbing body to keep you cool all night long. While competing retail gel beds cool an average of 15 minutes before they begin reflecting body heat. Our patented cooling systems is almost 3 times thicker than any other “cooling” sleep surface on the market.
  • 4 Ergo Comfort Layers and an Ergo Support Layer MAJESTIC-Solution I is designed to create the firmness needed to provide proper spinal support to help address chronic back pain and disc issues while providing adaptive personalized body conforming comfort.Ergo Gel Layer provides unsurpassed pressure management, comfort, and support and is used in several medical applications.  The Ergo Gel is on top of an Ergo Comfort Layer which is then fused with an Ergo Support Layer.Next, is an Ergo Transition Layer which is then fused to another Ergo Comfort Layer. This design is built on a high density core designed to provide full edge-to-edge support and provides superior support and pressure relieving cushion. Supports up to 240 lbs. per side (options available for body sizes larger than 240lbs).The two Ergo Comfort Layers consist of liquid gel infused 2nd generation HD memory foam that is denser than any other national brand memory foam, while reacting immediately to any changes in your sleeping position.
  • Ergo Gel Layer Boasts Exceptional Pressure Relieving Comfort and Support Backed by both medical and scientific studies, our patented gel layer’s pressure relieving gel and foam soccer-ball pattern relieves painful hip and shoulder counter-pressure providing better personalized comfort and adaptive spinal support than any other retail sleep surface on the market
  • Ergo Comfort Layer The Ergo Comfort Layer consists of liquid gel infused 2nd generation HD memory foam, that is denser than any other national brand memory foam and gel combination while reacting immediately to changes in your sleeping position. The Ergo Comfort Layer conforms around the hips and shoulders to relieve painful counter pressure while enhancing the comfort layers to create a sleep surface that does not restrict circulation.
  • Ergo Support Layer Ergo Support Layer between the top Ergo Comfort Layer and the Ergo Transition Layer provide an enhanced layer of stabilizing spinal support that your body needs to help address chronic back pain and disc issues. Ergo Support Layer, made up of high density support foam, helps provides ergonomic support from your head to your feet, regardless of body weight and mass.
  • Ergo Transition Layer Fused below the Ergo Support Layer is an Ergo Transition Layer, a patented layer designed to enhance pressure relief when combined with the Ergo Gel and Ergo Comfort layers by conforming more around the shoulders and hips minimizing surface counter-pressure to relieve shoulder and hip pain.
  • Core Layer The high density core serves as the “base” and creates the firmness need to provide proper spinal support to help address chronic back pain and disc issues. The Ergo Core Layer is designed to provide the support to create an edge-to-edge sleep surface.
  • 15-Year Warranty A body impression of over ½-inch in the first 10 years is considered a failed mattress and in year 11 to 15 a body impression over 1-inch is considered a failed mattress. In addition the Majestic Solution I offers a mattress exchange option with its warranty. Please review the Majestic Warranty a complete explanation of all terms and conditions.
Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Majestic Solution I

  1. Jenny Hart

    I have had my Majestic Bed and adjustable base for over a year now, and this bed has lived up to everything promised and more. I’ve noticed that I no longer wake up in the middle of the night sweating, and am waking up feeling such more well rested. We orignial got this for my husband who has very bad lower back pain and could only sleep in his recliner. After about the third night, he was sleeping better than ever and was waking up with a significantly lower amount of pain. I highly recommend this bed for anyone looking to get an amazing night’s sleep

  2. Tammy M.

    I used to wake up with, back pain, and felt like my hips were being forced to rotate while laying in bed. Since purchasing, my majestic mattress has been amazing! It really helped me when I was pregnant because I could put the head up to help my acid reflux and the legs up for swelling.

  3. Randall Raymond

    We purchased a Majestic bed, split queen with adjustable base. It is the most comfortable mattress ever. I highly recommend Majestic Beds! ❤️

  4. Cindy S. Laingsburg, Mi

    It was time to replace our old mattress. As we have gotten older we have started to suffer from back and neck pain, along with issues of shoulder pain and arms going numb while sleeping which I think was caused by our old mattress. Ever since purchasing this bed we have been sleeping so much better. We now look forward to going to bed every night.

  5. Janis C.

    I have a torn rotator cuff, along with hip and back pain for years. I can finally sleep through the night and wake up with greater mobility. I am sleeping longer, sleeping deeper, and I do not wake up as much due to pain or sleeping on the wrong side

  6. Courtney G.

    We love our bed and highly recommend the Majestic bed. Both of us sleep through the night without any discomfort. Since the purchase of our Majestic bed my husband has not complained of shoulder pain. When we travel, we wish we could take our bed with us

  7. Tim Cipolla

    We found the Majestic bed with customized mattress and adjustable bed frame extremely helpful while recovering from back surgery. My wife loves the ability to adjust her head and feet for reading and watching TV.

  8. Dave Belisario

    My wife and I met Alan at the “Outdoorama” show in Novi, MI. My old king size mattress was not comfortable for me. It was hot to sleep on, and I couldn’t get a good nights sleep on it. Every morning I would wake up with a sore back. Alan took the time to fit us to the right mattress, and installation of the new mattress went as planned. Alan and his staff did everything as promised. Our new mattress was much better than the old one. It slept cooler and my back problems were much better. Several months later I received a follow-up call from Alan, which I was very impressed with. It is rare that people take the time to follow-up on clients to find out if all is well with their product and to make sure you are happy with your purchase. I told Alan that while this new mattress was 200% better than the old I still sometimes woke up in the morning with a sore back. He immediately went to work to analyze why this was happening. As a result of this analysis he took back the mattress, and customized it by added several layers of different density foam layers to it. This solved my sore back issues. My wife also loves it. Additionally, sleeping on the king size mattress my wife always needed more blankets then me so when she was comfortable I was hot, and when I was comfortable she was cold. The solution was to make our king size mattress into two twin extra long mattresses. It was done at the factory with new covers and everything. It was like having two new mattresses. The two mattress fit into the same frame, and we still sleep together. But now she can have all the covers she needs to be comfortable, and I am comfortable sleeping with less covers. An added benefit is that when She or I get up it does not disturb the others sleep. It was the perfect solution. Now we both sleep soundly, and I don’t wake up with a sore back. Cutting and customizing the mattress took several weeks, and during that time Alan brought out a new mattress for us to sleep on. When work on our mattress was complete he brought out our customized mattress. I am extremely impressed with our new mattress, and with the level of customer service given to us by Alan and everyone at Majestic Beds. Five stars to Alan and everyone at Majestic Beds.

  9. Steven Bowen

    This bed is THE best bed that I have ever slept on! The service, questions, and support I received during the entire purchase, install, and afterwards have been unmatched! Thank you for a great experience and for giving me the best sleep I have ever had!

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