Basecamp 7" Mattress for use in Motorhomes and Campers

Summit 7″ Mattress

Starting at: $1999

When we designed the Summit 7" Mattress, we looked at our most popular sleep surface designs, trusted by world-class athletes, elite military members, and doctors. After some exhaustive testing with our patented sleep technology, we customized and sized a mattress just for motorhomes and campers. 

With a Summit, you never have to pick between comfort and adventure.



The Majestic Promise

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the best sleep products for truly restful and restorative sleep. No matter your symptoms or needs, we’re here to help you experience a better quality of life through the power of sleep.

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Designed for Your Mobile Living Space

The Adventure Series

Summit 7″ Mattress


To support true recovery and restorative sleep, mattresses should:

  1. Properly support the spine,
  2. Reduce pressure on muscles and joints, and
  3. Regulate body temperature all night long.

Most retail mattresses are lucky if they accomplish one of these things. 

Majestic Beds do all three. 

And now, in partnership with CarbonTV, Majestic Beds has successfully replicated these results for mobile living sleep surfaces!

With a Summit, you never have to pick between comfort and adventure. 

Welcome to the pinnacle of traveler’s rest.

The path to a happier life starts with healthy and restorative sleep. We miss out on memorable adventures when we don’t have a comfortable surface to snooze on at night. Instead of waking up rejuvenated and ready to go, we feel stiff and exhausted.

The price for a day of amazing outdoor experiences was an uncomfortable night of sleep…until now.

When you put an Adventure Series mattress in your mobile sleep space, you’ll stop longing for your bed at home.

The Summit Mattress Design

  • 1

    Ergo Gel Layer

    Patented technology with proven medical and clinical pressure-relieving applications and temperature regulation abilities.

  • 2

    Ergo Transition Layer

    Technology designed to increase the recovery of the other comfort layers. Allows the mattress to form instantly to the body and eliminates the standard "stuck in wet cement” feel of retail mattresses.

  • 3

    Ergo Comfort Layer

    This proprietary gel-infused HD Foam is higher-density than any traditional retail foam, providing both additional support and pressure relief.

  • 4

    Ergo Core

    The highest-density core on the market is specifically designed to provide a full edge-to-edge sleep surface that stabilizes and supports the spine while maximizing comfort for back- and side-sleepers.

Summit 7" Mattress for use in Motorhomes and Campers
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Other Rockstar Features:

This mattress can help you sleep cooler than any other retail sleep surface and is proven to regulate body temperature while you rest.

It can also reduce tossing and turning by up to 80%.

Our four-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen-resistant, and its cooling technology absorbs excess body heat all night long. 

The no-flip, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-dust mite mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty. 

*Weight: supports up to 260 lbs. per side. 

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