About Us

We are your "All-American" company.

All Majestic Sleep Systems are 100% made and assembled in the USA, with facilities across the country (and constantly expanding!).

Family Owned and Operated for almost 30 years!

The only mattress company that originated in the healthcare industry.

When you chat or call us you don’t speak with a call center, you speak with someone who is directly involved with the production and design of your sleep system and has the knowledge and understanding of the pain you are experiencing.

Made in USA label

Frequently Asked Questions

We originated 27 years ago designing a specialty memory foam topper for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, Since then, we have used previous symptom specific medical sleep studies as benchmarks for our sleep system designs.

With up to 3 patented technologies & 1 proprietary comfort layer, the Majestic designs offer exceptional durability along with unsurpassed comfort and support that cannot be duplicated or imitated by any other company.

Our designs help minimize pain from symptoms such as…

Acute and chronic back pain including scoliosis, sciatica, disc issues, and spinal stenosis; arthritis; Alzheimer’s; limited mobility; sensitive joint pain; fibromyalgia; sleeping too hot; menopause; sleep apnea; circulation issues; diabetes; hypertension; GERD caused by obesity and pregnancy.

Yes! A Majestic Mattress… properly supports all back, side, and stomach sleepers. Relieves pressure from your shoulders and hips. Does not restrict circulation and along with absorbing excess body heat to keep you cool through the night, it will not telegraph your partners movement for undisturbed sleep the whole night.

With the help of our sleep experts who are qualified and knowledgeable in different symptoms, body types, and medical studies our experts are available to find the perfect Majestic mattress for you.

With the different patented technologies and proprietary foam we are able to offer a choice of different designs to address your individual needs. Rest assured the Majestic Bed you choose will provide proper spinal support, relieve joint pressure, does not restrict circulation, and absorbs excess body heat to keep you cool through the night.

We offer a 15 year full warranty. In years 1 through 10 a body impression greater than ½ inch and through years 11 through 15 a body impression greater than 1 inch is considered a failed mattress and will be replaced.

Starting during the third year, a comfort exchange option is available.

All of the mattress components along with the covers are made and assembled in the U.S.A. under very strict quality control. We utilize two manufactures in Georgia and Michigan, and will soon be adding a third in Arizona.

We offer a 60 day return for a full refund. We are very proud to say that in the last 20 years we average a 1% return rate. We do offer a 90 day comfort exchange for Michigan residents only.