About Us

We Developed The Best Mattress, Pillow, and Adjustable Power Base For Back Pain.

  • All Majestic Bed Sleep Systems are 100% made and assembled in the USA, with facilities across the country.

  • Family Owned and Operated for 30 Years!

  • The Only Mattress Company That Originated In The HealthCare Industry.

  • Direct to Owners Speaking With The Martens Family. This is Direct-To-Developer and Expert of the Best Mattress, Pillow and Adjustable Power Bases For Back Pain Relief and Recuperation.

Made In Usa Label
Zach Mckinstry Athlete Testimonial

"I feel rested and alert throughout the day... My body has never felt so good at the end of the season."

Zach Mckinstry

Los Angeles Dodgers

"Its a game changer... I have never slept better. The horrible fatigue I suffered from is gone."

Kathleen A.

Menopausal Hot Flash Sufferer
Steve Bowen In The Military

"The transformation I have seen physically has been amazing. Best choice I’ve ever made!!!"

Steven B.

Former US Army Sergeant, Nerve Damage Sufferer
Darlene Happy Majestic Beds User

"From the moment I laid down on it, my sleepless nights were gone!" 

Darlene S.

Cancer Survivor
Majestic Embrace Children'S Mattress

"My daughter is sleeping so much better and waking upwell rested!!  We LOVE Majestic Beds and their amazing pillows!!"


Cerbral Palsy Sufferer