Four decades of medical research to offer the only pressure relieving layer technology used in medical and clinical applications

Our objective was to create the best sleep experience possible. This could only be accomplished by designing an orthopedic support system that provided proper spinal alignment while lying on your back and on your side. It minimizes pressure points and ensures unrestricted blood circulation. Deeper, healthier sleep has been achieved through the fusion of form and function.

The fusion of unmatched pressure relief and temperature regulation is created when the proprietary gel is integrated with the foam through a patented process. Ergo Gel's unique pattern provides true orthopedic spinal support and pressure reduction at the same time and is utilized in several medical applications for pressure and pain management. Unlike visco-elastic foam, more commonly known as memory foam, the gel pattern combined with the Ergo Transition, a 2nd patented pressure-relieving layer, and our proprietary 2nd generation liquid gel-infused HD memory foam responds immediately to changes in sleeping positions.

The technology in this design creates an unsurpassed comfort layer that allows for easier repositioning and turning, while at the same time not telegraphing your partner’s motion or disturbing your sleep. This new technology creates a cooler sleep environment that absorbs body heat instead of reflecting body heat ensuring a better night’s sleep.

This uniquely formulated gel sleep surface conforms to every curve and angle of your body with exacting precision, providing more support, greater pressure relief, and long-lasting durability.

Ergo Gel is biodegradable and is a non-toxic soy-based gel instead of a petroleum-based gel. The gel, foams, and mattress cover used for each Majestic sleep system are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite.

Four decades of medical research culminated into the patented technology used in our innovative Ergo Gel Layer in our MajesticBed™ sleep systems. Our Ergo Gel Layer’s unique pattern uses a non-toxic, soy-based gel that is incredibly durable, and biodegradable. The gel in the Ergo Gel Layer is poured into a soccer ball pattern of pliable polyurethane to give people of all shapes and sizes the perfect balance of adaptive support and comfort they need in a mattress to get a more restful, restorative night’s rest.

The excellent pressure reduction of this patented technology and shock absorbency characteristics have led to high-end pressure relief medical applications including wheelchair seating, surgical pads, as well as recovery room pressure relieving pad. In the last 6 years our mattress designs have evolved into a combination of comfort layers complimenting the top layer of Ergo Gel creating a cooling sleep surface that relieves chronic shoulder and hip joint pain. Ergo Gel Layer creates unique pattern provides true orthopedic spinal support and pressure reduction at the same time. This is accomplished by developing an orthopedic support system providing proper spinal alignment for both back and side sleepers.

The Ergo Gel Layer neutralizes pressure by conforming around the hips and shoulder to minimizing pressure points while insuring unrestricted blood circulation. The result is deeper, healthier sleep.