Maximize the Healing Power of Sleep

Customized sleep solutions to help minimize the pain caused by your symptoms.

Our mattresses and toppers are designed to provide stabilizing spinal support with enhanced personalized comfort for anyone suffering from chronic lower back pain, sciatica, disc issues, arthritis, limited mobility, recovering from back surgery, sleeping too hot, pressure point pain or dealing with circulation issues.

Not sure what the best mattress is for YOUR symptoms?  Use our symptom chart or give us a call and speak to one of our highly trained sleep specialists.


Our mattresses relieve pressure point pain on sensitive shoulders, hips, knees, and heels while promoting proper spinal posture and unrestricted circulation...

Mattress Toppers

Advanced pressure relieving and cooling patented technology in our exclusive Ergo Gel Layer to eliminate your mattress’ painful counter pressure...


The Majestic Pillow uses a 2nd generation, breathable memory foam that gently conforms to properly support your neck for both back and side sleepers...


Our foundations are made of strong, durable wood. They are ready to be assembled by one person in approximately 15 minutes and come with a cover...

Adjustable Bases

Endless positions to help address a number of medical conditions including: Anti-Snore Features • Aid in Circulation • Restless Leg Syndrome  • Back Pain Relieving "0" Gravity Positioning • Adjustable Lumbar Support • Even One for Acid Reflux