Medical/Athlete Testimonials

"I Recommend Majestic Beds for Improving Sleep and Recovery."

I didn’t realize how an athlete’s sleep can be impacted by their mattress until I witnessed
how the technology, support and comfort of Majestic Beds mattresses, mattress toppers,
and travel mattress toppers sleep surfaces can create an enhanced night’s sleep.Quality
sleep improves cognitive elements of perception and improves competitive play. I
recommend Majestic Beds for improving sleep and recovery as it helps reduce pain
sensitivity for an athlete as well as for a patient."

Anthony's Product

Majestic Beds Sleep Solutions

Anthony Colucci, Do

Anthony Colucci, D.O.,F.A.C.E.P.

Detroit Red Wings/Head Team Physician-DMC
Medical Director of Emergency Department
Henry Ford Hospital, Macomb

Zach Mckinstry Professional Athlete Testimonial

Zach McKinstry

Chicago Cubs

World Series Champions (L.A. Dodgers)

"My Body Has Never Felt So Good..."

“I was trying to find a mattress topper for the season that would help me rest and recover. I have had issues with my lower back, hips, and shoulders in the past along with waking up in the middle of the night due to my legs and arms being numb. I was recommended to Majestic Beds. My new topper has been amazing. I feel rested and alert throughout the day. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night and my body has never felt so good at the end of the season. Thank you, Majestic Beds, for a great season!”

Zach's Products

Fusion Topper, Majestic Pillow

"I’ve Never Been More Excited to Get Home and Get in Bed..."

“Being a career minor leaguer up until this point I’ve slept in some extremely uncomfortable places; training-room tables, air mattresses, couches, pullouts, etc… Finally as I began taking sleep seriously as a way to perform better on the field, I heard about Majestic Bed from a teammate who raved about how comfortable they are.

When you’re moving all over the country in the minors bouncing around levels & cities, buying a nice mattress or a mattress in general doesn’t make sense because there’s no way to get it from place to place! With the mattress topper I get the perfect substitute, although not conventional. Just this season I used the mattress topper on a pullout couch and an air mattress, I was amazed with how comfortable the topper made both. When I finally got to put it over my mattress at home it was game over! I’ve never been more excited to get home and get in bed. Sleep is so important to leveling up each day, I just wish I knew of Majestic Beds when I started my career!”

Ben's Products

Fusion Topper, Majestic Pillow

Ben Holmes Professional Athlete Testimonial

Ben Holmes

Chicago Cubs

Lomas Professional Athlete Testimonial

Lomas Brown

Detroit Lions Alumni Super Bowl Champion XXXVII

"I Was Able to Sleep on My Side/Hip With No Pain or Numbness..."

“Eighteen years of using my body as a human shield to protect and serve on the football field. The issues that I have are numerous from chronic neck pain, back disc problems, hip and leg problems, etc. Let me tell you after the first week, there was no comparison to what I had been or ever have slept on. It was the first time in about three years that I was able to sleep on my side/hip with no pain or numbness, my back doesn’t take as long to loosen up in the morning‘s before I pop out of bed, I can sleep flat on my back and know that my lumbar was supported because of the design and research they have done, and the best is the Patent Gel Layer not only does it relieve the pressure on my joints, and stays cool all night. Every night twice a night I would have to kick the covers off of me because of sweating during the night. I have had my mattress for two months and not once have I had to get rid of my covers, no sweat, no hot flashes, and finally sleeping through the night.”

Lomas' Products

Solution 1, Majestic Pillow

"Immediate Reduction of Neck and Shoulder Pain."

“Everyone on our staff who has used the Majestic Pillow including myself have experienced an immediate reduction of neck and shoulder pain.”


Jose's Product

Majestic Pillow

Jose Vasquez Professional Athlete Testimonial

Jose Vasquez

Texas Rangers MLB Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Eric Yardley Professional Athlete Testimonial

Eric Yardley

Milwaukee Brewers

"My Neck Feels Healthier and More Mobile..."

“I have always struggled with finding a pillow that didn’t cause me to wake up with some form of neck ache or stiffness. I tried all different levels of firmness and nothing seemed to work.  I was recommended the Majestic pillow from a friend and could not be happier.  I noticed a difference in the first week.  The way this pillow is formed allows my head and neck to stay in a better position through the night regardless of if I sleep on my side or back that night.  My neck has felt healthier and more mobile in the mornings and leads to a much more productive day.”

Eric's Product

Majestic Pillow

"Pain Free and Rested!"

“I have always had trouble sleeping because of pain in my shoulders, lower back, and legs. I just chalked it up to having had so many injuries because of my profession. I didn’t realize it was because of my old mattress. When I discovered Majestic Beds and saw that my old mattress could be causing me some issues when I sleep, I decided to give them a try. I’m now able to actually sleep through the night and I wake up feeling rested and not aching anymore, which I didn’t know was even possible. I’m excited to start the new season pain free and rested!

Destin's Product

Majestic Plus

Destin Cantrell Professional Athlete Testimonial

Destin Cantrell

Freestyle Motocross Athlete X Games Gold Medalist


Jillian K.Coffee

USA Volleyball, Paralympic Gold Medalist

"Zero Back Pain... I Wake Up FULLY Rested!"

“For the first time since my amputation I lay in bed with zero back pain and wake up FULLY rested! This is HUGE because your girl is cranky with little to no sleep! The mattress pad is so easy to travel with and made my trip to Tokyo a million times better! I wish I had it while I was in college! Majestic Beds is so amazing and so willing to work with you!”

Jillian's Product

Fusion Topper

"My Majestic Topper Changed My Whole Life..."

“I played professional basketball for over 20 years. Won an NBA Championship in 1989 and a Euro Championship 1993. When I played, I experienced a lot of little bumps and bangs but the most serious injury that I acquired in the NBA was back problems. Since retiring I’ve been in agonizing back pain!!!

Over the years I have tried multiple mattresses, and eventually settled on a very firm one to try and support my back but nothing seemed to help. Once I got my Majestic Topper it changed my whole life. The Majestic Topper has helped me especially when traveling on the road. The support I get helps me wake up feeling refreshed and in much less pain. After a very long career in the NBA, I’ve developed aches and pains that make it difficult to sleep restfully. Majestic beds promised they could help me with that, and they did! My mattress topper provides both comfort and support while helping to keep me aligned when I sleep. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. Thanks Majestic."

Rick's Product

Fusion Topper

Rick Mahorn Professional Athlete Testimonial

Rick Mahorn

Detroit Piston Alumni, NBA Champion

Athlete Testimonials For Majestic Beds

Eddie Murray

18-year NFL Veteran, XXVIII Super Bowl Champion, and Retired Detroit Lions Player

"I Slept Two Hours Longer Than I Normally Do"

I’ve had sleep apnea four several years and even with my CPAP machine I’ve never gotten
the restful sleep that I’ve needed. The first night on my Majestic Beds Solution, I slept two
hours longer than I normally do. I’ve also found great results using the Majestic Beds pillow. I
have neck issues from all the years of playing soccer, rugby, and football and have found
great relief.  The difference between Majestic Beds and every other commercial bed
company is Majestic Beds gets medical relief results for your ailments, all other companies
claim they get them but have no medical testimonial support of what they claim.”

Eddies's Product

Majestic Pillow