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When we think of athletes, we often think of them in action: wearing their jerseys, performing in their game. There is a lot of focus towards athletes’ strategies, training routines and diets -- but their sleep habits often take a backseat. 


The truth is, sleep is just as important as exercise and diet for every person, and even more so if you are a professional athlete.


Even if sleep is a less-glamorous part of the athlete’s lifestyle, it is essential for body recovery, focus, and performance.


Retired pro-athlete and MajesticBeds Ambassador Lomas Brown Jr. can attest to it, himself. As an NFL pro-athlete for two decades, he credits the role sleep played in his long and impressive career. Lomas was an offensive tackle for the 1985 NFL draft, playing for the Detroit Lions and four other NFL teams. Since his retirement, Lomas Brown broadcasts for the Lions on WJR radio and is also a commentator/analyst for ESPN and other TV & radio stations. 


We were excited to talk to Lomas about his take on sleep and how it helped him as an athlete. Check out our interview:

Lomas Brown Jr., Nfl Athlete

Q1: As a professional athlete, how important was restorative sleep to you, and why? Do you feel that it was an important topic back when you played football?


A1: Sleep was not important at all when I was playing. No one ever talked about sleep when I played. They used to tell you to work out and lift weights and run to be a good player. Now, sleep is becoming a significant focus, as well. I commend the players and sports leagues that are now making it a priority. You see now how it is essential for athletic recovery. 


Sleep is my lifeline. In my advanced age, I deal with so many injuries and ailments after decades of playing football. I wake up with neck and back pain daily. As an ex-athlete, you learn to adapt to things as you have been dealing with them for a long time. 


Sleep recovery is just as important as preventative medicine. For example, if you have an injury, you’re advised to get the proper amount of restorative sleep to help you perform at your peak on the field. 

Lomas Brown Jr., Nfl Athlete

Q2: So, with your many decades in the football industry, you do believe that sleep is becoming more important today. Are there still gaps in that area of player development?


A2: Yes, I think sleep is becoming more important due to the recent innovative studies and research found on performance and recovery. Many coaches and trainers were putting it in the background, but now it is thrust at them. 


There are still gaps, yes -- and the reason I know there are gaps? The guys are still sleeping on what they are sleeping on. They talk about food and nutritional supplements, but not about the sleep surfaces or mattresses. Sleep is at the bottom of the totem pole. 


Athletes are just sleeping on whatever sleep surface is provided. If there weren't gaps, then all players would have a high-quality sleep surface. Their hotels would focus on high-quality mattresses. Education around this could have prevented a lot of injuries and prolonged a lot of careers, too. There needs to be a discussion on sleep surfaces for optimum recovery. 


Q3: What is something you do, or a product you use, to help you recover and get the best sleep possible?


A3: MajesticBeds is critical for my sleep. Since I got MajesticBeds, I don’t take anything for sleep assistance -- no pills, liquor, or anything -- there’s simply just no need for it. I wish other people knew that all these sleep hacks, tips, and tricks they have tried were unnecessary. A change in sleep surface would’ve done the trick.


Q4: What is your nightly routine like before you go to bed?


A4: I brush and floss my teeth, jump into my Majestic Beds. 5 minutes and I am gone -- I sleep throughout the night. Seven hours is what I need. I am definitely a morning person, not a night person. 


Q5: What type of benefits have your Majestic Products had on your sleep and recovery?


A5: Because of MajesticBeds:

  • I get a full and peaceful night of sleep
  • I don't wake up with pain in my neck or back 
  • I can now sleep on my side for the first time in decades
  • The pillow is key to my restful sleep
  • I sleep cool at night -- no night sweats!
Lomas Brown Professional Athlete Testimonial

We Love Helping Athletes Harness the Restorative Healing Power of Sleep 


Thanks again, Lomas, for helping us educate and assist other athletes like you, and anyone who wants to perform at their best.


If you want to understand your sleep even better, MajesticBeds Team is here to help! We design our products for maximum recovery and peak performance. For more answers to your questions, feel free to contact us to speak with our Sleep Experts. We can help you find the best sleep solution for your needs.

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