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This year came with profound challenges for nearly all of us. With the worldwide chaos of the pandemic, many of us have struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, a lot of people have even developed truly bothersome sleep issues. Whether you experience insomnia, sleep deprivation, lack of sleep, or even find yourself sleeping too much, the way we rest -- or fail to rest -- seriously impacts our health.


In our quest for better sleep, we found some products that really do help people sleep a little better at night.


Here are some awesome gift ideas that will help you or a loved one, whether they’re sleep-loving or sleep-deprived!

#1 Eye Masks

The eye mask -- that unsung hero of the good night’s sleep. An eye mask will help you ease tension and helps you shut down distractions, and they let you sleep in a bit more if sunlight comes a bit too early for you.


Eye masks range from simple models, like weighted masks, to spa-like models that include infusions of essential oils. You can even opt for high-tech option, including a Bluetooth-powered mask that allows you to drift gently off to sleep to the soothing sound of gentle music or white noise.


#2. Facial Care Items

Your nightly routine demands a bit of self-care. Moisturizers and other facial care essentials help keep you feeling and looking your best.  While no one-size-fits-all skincare regimen exists, you may find that having any nighttime facial routine helps you rest. 


Routines can range from a simple facial cleansing to a complex, ten-step process. It really varies from person to person -- the gift options for facial care are endless. When you take care of your skin, you feel youthful, rejuvenated, and well-rested.


#3. Relaxation or Music App Subscription

Get an annual subscription for guided meditations and relaxation exercises. Some apps include calming ideas and sounds from nature - what a great way to unwind for the evening! 


While these sleep-specific apps and subscriptions offer much in the way of relaxing background sounds, you can also keep it a bit more general, and give them a music subscription instead. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music offer loads of playlists to choose from, including soothing music or nature sounds and white noise.


#4. Earbuds

High-tech sleep buds mask bothersome nighttime sounds with music and a vast library of Bose-immersive nature sounds and relaxing tones designed to help you drift off effortlessly.


#5. Silk Bed Sheets

When beauty sleep means sleeping in something beautiful, nothing beats real silk sheets. Use silk sheets and pillowcases -- they are exceptionally gentle on your face, hair, and body.


#6. Pajamas

Let’s not forget the classic gift idea: your slumber outfit, a.k.a. pajamas!


This ultra-useful gift offers versatility and so many selections -- it’s the perfect gift idea for nearly any personality. Pajamas come in any number of moods, too. They can be fun, silly, romantic, or sexy. Choose pajama sets according to their style or according to the season! Go for lightweight cotton pajamas to stay cool in the summer, and choose warm pajamas in flannel or fleece for the cooler months. Whatever you decide, one prerequisite for your pajama choice is comfort!


#7. Fleece blanket

The softest and snuggliest material on the planet, fleece surrounds you in warmth and comfort. A fleece blanket looks and feels cozy, and you have unlimited choices for colors -- you might select neutral hues, or choose from an assortment of vivid colors that match any bedroom’s color scheme.


The Ultimate Gift Guide For Sleep Lovers @ Majesticbeds™


#8. Majestic Beds

Invest in a good sleep surface!  Majestic Beds mattresses offer comfort, support and style. Or, if a mattress would stretch the gift-giving budget, you can present them with a Majestic Beds travel pillow or bed topper!


Good Quality Sleep is a Worthwhile Investment

Great sleep can prove life-changing! When we continue to invest in our sleep, we begin to see net benefits that spill over into our waking lives. Whether it comes in the form of career success, improved productivity, better relationships, or simply a deeper sense of overall well-being, good sleep contributes enormously to who we are and how we do.

Our Majestic Beds Team is here to help and guide you anytime! Feel free to contact us to speak with our Sleep Experts. We can help you find the best sleep solution for your needs.


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