ERGO LUX – Ditch the Retail Bed-In-The-Box


The Only Dual Core Spinal Support Sleep System:

✓ Twice the Density     ✓ Twice the Durability 

✓ Twice the Quality      ✓ Twice the Value

✓ Cooling Cover            ✓ 100% Made in the USA


More Spinal Support, More Pressure Relief Than Any Retail Bed in a Box.







ERGO LUX – Ditch the Retail Bed-In-The-Box


The Only Dual Core Spinal Support Sleep System:

✓ Twice the Density     ✓ Twice the Durability 

✓ Twice the Quality      ✓ Twice the Value

✓ Cooling Cover            ✓ 100% Made in the USA


More Spinal Support, More Pressure Relief Than Any Retail Bed in a Box.


ERGO LUX: Ditch the Bed-In-The-Box


The Only Dual Core Spinal Support Sleep System. Providing the Perfect Combination of Firm Stabilizing Spinal Support & Pressure Relief for a Restorative Night’s Sleep


Twice the Density

The combination of our two specialized cores creates a strong stabilizing support system that is twice the density of any retail mattress.


Twice the Durability

Combining our Dual Core Systems with our Ergo Comfort Layer creates a Sleep System that is designed to last over twice as long as the average retail mattress.


Twice the Quality

Unlike retail mattresses, the Ergo Lux utilizes only high density materials, proven to properly support the spine and reduce counter pressure on sensitive joints. Along with a Tencel Cooling Cover included.


Twice the Value

Retail mattresses are only designed to last an average of 6 years with misleading warranties that leave you with no option but to buy a new bed. The Ergo Lux comes with our 15 year warranty. Based on the average retail mattress life, the Ergo Lux will last 2.5 times longer.


100% Made in the USA

Every part of the Ergo Lux from the individual layers, to the cooling cover are made right here in the USA with the highest quality materials available.

Anti-dust mite and antimicrobial treatment

Premium fabric cover

  • Four-way stretch cover with cooling technology
  • Helps absorb excess body heat all night long
  • Allergen and microbial resistant
  • Minimizes the telegraphing of your partner’s movement

Ergo Comfort Layer

  • Our exclusive proprietary liquid gel-infused second generation HD memory foam
  • Up to twice as dense as any other retail foam
  • Creates superior comfort and spinal support needed to help reduce fatigue and pain
  • Does not harden in cooler room temperatures like retail memory foam, which increases counter pressure 
  • Does not soften in warmer room temperatures like memory foam, which causes loss of  support 
  • Instantly molds to the body, with no “being stuck wet cement” or “sinking” feeling
  • No memory foam smell or odor

HD Support Core 

  • High Density Support
  • Stabilizing Spinal Support 
  • Increase Durability

Ergo Core Layer

  • Highest density core available
  • Full edge-to-edge support, with no loss of stability when laying near the edge
  • Most retail companies use lighter density cores that lose up to 40% of the mattress’s durability once it is compressed

15-year Warranty

A body impression of over ½ inch in the first 10 years is considered a failed mattress, and in years 11 to 15, a body impression over 1 inch is considered a failed mattress. In addition, Majestic Beds offer a mattress exchange option with its warranty. Please review the Majestic warranty for a complete explanation of all terms and conditions. Learn more about the warranty here.

10 reviews for ERGO LUX

  1. Kayley Shade

    Great customer service! My bed is extremely comfortable and I love my adjustable base!

  2. Marianne J.

    The quality of sleep has been great. No pain on back or pressure points. It’s a nice firm mattress, that is very comfortable. Love the adjustable power base too! I am glad I made the purchase

  3. Trudy Hinds

    I am so pleased with my new Ergo Lux full size bed..I recieved it Christmas Eve Day and have been getting the best sleep that I have ever had. I have a bad back and a few other medical things also, This bed has really helped stop my pain in my back and neck ,and legs. Thank You So Much! .I tell every one I know about Majestic Beds and want to thank Alan and every one that made this bed for me it is the greatest investment I could have made in a Bed. I highly recommend other people to watch their videos and talk to Alan about fitting them for a Majestic Bed .

  4. R. Dulaney

    Been sleeping on my Ergo queen mattress from Majestic Beds for about a week now. I’m not tossing and turning all night any longer. Very satisfied with my purchase and appreciated Alan Martens time and advice

  5. Daniel Kennedy

    I was looking around for a Tempur Pedic and someone recommended that I check out these mattresses instead. This foam is higher quality, breathable, and overall a far better value. I’ve had issues with insomnia and back pain and this mattress offers the comfort and support to significantly mitigate them. Very satisfied!

  6. Sharon M.

    I love my mattress! I feel no pressure points ever. I love it enough to have bought a bed for each of our daughters

  7. Courtney G.

    We love our bed and highly recommend the Majestic bed. Both of us sleep through the night without any discomfort. Since the purchase of our Majestic bed my husband has not complained of shoulder pain. When we travel, we wish we could take our bed with us

  8. Kirstin S.

    Sleep is much improved by reducing pain and allowing me to find comfortable support in different positions

  9. James Ebaugh

    Never slept better. Excellent quality and exceeds expectations.

  10. Patricia B.

    My husband and I had issues of our limbs going numb while sleeping, I also suffer from hot flashes. After purchasing this Mattress we both no longer have any issues and I stay at a comfortable temperature all night long.

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