Majestic Fusion Topper

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Majestic Fusion Topper

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The Most Advanced Mattress Topper Ever Built


The Majestic Fusion Topper™ uses 2 patented technologies found in our Ergo Gel and Ergo Transition Layers, combined with our proprietary Ergo Comfort Layer, to provide unmatched pressure relief and enhanced spinal support in a sleep surface that will absorb excess body heat all night long.


The clinically proven and patented technology in the pressure-relieving Ergo Gel Layer absorbs excess body heat all night long to sleep cooler and more comfortable for those suffering from hot flashes, menopause, or simply sleeping too hot.


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The Majestic Promise

Our goal is to provide all of our clients the proper sleep products and expertise to obtain a truly restful, restorative night sleep. No matter the symptoms, or the needs we are here to help you obtain a better quality life through the power of sleep.

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The objective of the Majestic Fusion Topper was to create a sleep surface that relieves a mattress’s painful counter pressure on shoulder and hip joint pain.


This could only be accomplished by developing a system that provides proper spinal alignment for back and side sleepers while creating proper envelopment around the hips and shoulder to minimizing pressure points and unrestricted blood circulation.

Fusion of Form and Function


The fusion of form and function is created when the proprietary gel is integrated with the foam through a patented process. Ergo Gel’s unique pattern provides both true orthopedic spinal support and pressure reduction.


Unlike, retail memory foam that takes up to 15 seconds to mold to your body, when the Ergo Gel is combined with our Ergo Transition Layer, it creates a sleep surface that immediately responds to your body and recovers instantly when changing sleeping positions.


Our uniquely formulated Ergo Comfort Layer conforms to every curve and angle of your body, providing more support, greater pressure relief and long-lasting durability.


The four-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen resistant, and its cooling technology fabric helps pass excess body heat through the cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer.

Majestic Fusion topper pressure points

1 - The counter pressure against shoulder has been eliminated by the Majestic Fusion Topper providing soothing enveloping comfort around the joint.


2 - The spine is now properly supported and aligned from the hips through the shoulders minimizing the chance of spinal stress and allowing the muscles to relax.


3 - Majestic Fusion Topper has eliminated the retail mattress’s painful counter pressure against the hips. The hips are now properly aligned allowing the hips and lower back muscles to relax.; and spine is properly supported and aligned.

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