Majestic Fusion Topper


The Most Advanced Mattress Topper Ever Built

The Majestic Fusion Topper™ uses 2 patented technologies found in our Ergo Gel and Ergo Transition Layers, combined with our proprietary Ergo Comfort Layer, to provide unmatched pressure relief and enhanced spinal support in a sleep surface that will absorb excess body heat all night long.

The clinically proven and patented technology in the pressure-relieving Ergo Gel Layer absorbs excess body heat all night long to sleep cooler and more comfortable for those suffering from hot flashes, menopause, or simply sleeping too hot.





Majestic Fusion Topper

The Most Advanced Mattress Topper Ever Built

The Majestic Fusion Topper™ uses 2 patented technologies found in our Ergo Gel and Ergo Transition Layers, combined with our proprietary Ergo Comfort Layer, to provide unmatched pressure relief and enhanced spinal support in a sleep surface that will absorb excess body heat all night long.

The clinically proven and patented technology in the pressure-relieving Ergo Gel Layer absorbs excess body heat all night long to sleep cooler and more comfortable for those suffering from hot flashes, menopause, or simply sleeping too hot.

Our objective was to create a sleep surface that relieves a mattress’s painful counter pressure on shoulder and hip joint pain. This could only be accomplished by developing a system that provides proper spinal alignment for back and side sleepers while creating proper envelopment around the hips and shoulder to minimizing pressure points and unrestricted blood circulation. 


Fusion of Form and Function

The fusion of form and function is created when the proprietary gel is integrated with the foam through a patented process. Ergo Gel’s unique pattern provides both true orthopedic spinal support and pressure reduction.

Unlike, retail memory foam that takes up to 15 seconds to mold to your body, when the Ergo Gel is combined with our Ergo Transition Layer, it creates a sleep surface that immediately responds to your body and recovers instantly when changing sleeping positions.

Our uniquely formulated Ergo Comfort Layer conforms to every curve and angle of your body, providing more support, greater pressure relief and long-lasting durability.

The four-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen resistant, and its cooling technology fabric helps pass excess body heat through the cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer.


1 - The counter pressure against shoulder has been eliminated by the Majestic Fusion Topper providing soothing enveloping comfort around the joint.


2 - The spine is now properly supported and aligned from the hips through the shoulders minimizing the chance of spinal stress and allowing the muscles to relax.


3 - Majestic Fusion Topper has eliminated the retail mattress’s painful counter pressure against the hips. The hips are now properly aligned allowing the hips and lower back muscles to relax.; and spine is properly supported and aligned.

Profile: 3 inches

Anti-dust mite and antimicrobial treatment

Premium fabric cover

  • Four-way stretch cover with cooling technology
  • Helps absorb excess body heat all night long
  • Allergen and microbial resistant
  • Minimizes the telegraphing of your partner’s movement

Ergo Gel Layer with patented pressure relieving technology

  • The only pressure relieving layer with medical and clinical applications for pressure and pain management
  • Relieves painful hip and shoulder counter pressure
  • Does not restrict circulation
  • Extremely durable patented design that does not break down

Sleeps cooler than any other retail surface

  • Absorbs up to 17 degrees of excess body heat to regulate body temperature all night long
  • One of the thickest temperature regulating layer systems available
  • Competing retail cooling surfaces cool for an average of 15 minutes before heating up

Ergo Transition Layer

  • Patented technology
  • Increases the recovery of the other layers, allowing for a sleep surface that is easy to turn on
  • Promotes a less disruptive sleep, reducing the need to toss and turn by up to 80% a night
  • Helps provide stabilizing spinal support
  • Increases the durability and lifespan of the mattress, limiting layer breakdown

Ergo Comfort Layer

  • Our exclusive proprietary liquid gel-infused second generation HD memory foam
  • Up to twice as dense as any other retail foam
  • Creates superior comfort and spinal support needed to help reduce fatigue and pain
  • Does not harden in cooler room temperatures like retail memory foam, which increases counter pressure 
  • Does not soften in warmer room temperatures like memory foam, which causes loss of  support 
  • Instantly molds to the body, with no “being stuck wet cement” or “sinking” feeling
  • No memory foam smell or odor

10-Year Warranty

A body impression of over ½-inch over 10 years is considered a failed topper and will be fully replaced. See warranty for full details.  The cost of purchased topper may be discounted from a future mattress purchase. Learn more about the warranty here.

13 reviews for Majestic Fusion Topper

  1. Hanna S.

    I love my Majestic Mattress Topper! I’ve never been one to like memory foam or really soft beds, I prefer them on the hard side.. only because I’ve never found the perfect feel. But this topper is wonderful, it doesn’t sink you in so that your back hurts in the morning but it’s not hard at all either. It’s like a perfect soft bed that still holds it’s form.
    I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and it’s still as perfect as it was on Day 1! I highly recommend it to everyone!

  2. S. Gohr

    We got this fusion topper for my son when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and we learned he would be spending several months in the hospital. He was starting to feel the body aches and pains from chemotherapy early on, and we wanted to help relieve that for him any way possible. The mattress topper made the world of difference! With the topper he was able to finally get sound sleep. I was so impressed and truly believe it aided it his healing though out that time. We have since donated our topper to another cancer patient receiving treatment at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. His mom has been so thankful because it offered the same type of relief for her son as it did for ours. The restful sleep the fusion topper provided for my son is absolutely priceless! We can’t wait to get another one now that he is home. THANK you Sean and everyone else at Majestic.

  3. Lauren Wolf

    I love my mattress topper!!! So comfortable and definitely getting a better night sleep. I’m so glad I was introduced to them as I was considering buying a inexpensive topper from a local store. I would recommend Alan and Sean from Majestic Beds anytime. They are not pushy and just give you the facts to help you get the most comfort and restful sleep. I definitely made the right decision!!!

  4. Rick Mahorn

    My name is Rick Mahorn, I played professional basketball for over 20 years Won a NBA Championship in 1989 and a Euro Championship 1993 When I played I experienced a lot of little bumps and bangs but the most serious injury that I acquired in the NBA was back problems. Since retiring I’ve been in agonizing back pain!!!

    Over the years I have tried multiple mattresses, and eventually settled on a very firm one to try and support my back but nothing seemed to help. Once I got my Majestic Topper it changed my whole life.
    The Majestic Topper has helped me especially when traveling on the road. The support I get helps me wake up feeling refreshed and in much less pain

    After a very long career in the NBA, I’ve developed aches and pains that make it difficult to sleep restfully. Majestic beds promised they could help me with that and they did! My mattress topper provides both comfort and support while helping to keep me aligned when I sleep. I even got a travel topper for when I’m on the road for work! You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. Thanks Majestic.

  5. Janice Pyrsock

    Hi Sean! Thank you so much for reaching out to me! That was very thoughtful and shows me just how customer focused your company truly is. I’m very pleased with my pillow and topper. My bed is more comfortable and my sleep has improved. My neck feels more flexible and less stiff in the morning. I’m thankful to your Father, Alan for making my life better by helping to improve my quality of sleep. Being a person with chemical sensitivity I am very thankful that the topper and pillow do not have any foul or new odors. Alan, delivered and offered to set up everything and that is impressive to me and shows how much you all love helping people. I appreciate your commitment and passion!! For any persons reading this if you want better sleep and to help someone who is truly making a difference at the same time please purchase from Majestic Beds!!

  6. Deborah Mourray

    Wow! This mattress topper is amazing… Love it! I had brought a brand new mattress so I chose the topper. Although I did like my new mattress the Majestic mattress topper brought it to a whole new level. Shoulder pain..Gone! Hip pain…Gone! Neck discomfort…Gone! I also purchased the pillow and now I can honestly say I am getting the best sleep in a long time. I take my pillow when I travel…next I am trying to figure out how to take my whole bed with me. It is truly a great product and amazing craftsmanship made right her in the USA. Thank you Majestic Beds for a wonderful and caring buying experience. Special thank you to Alan for taking the time to really understand my needs and suggest the best solution. I am a super fan!

  7. Rebecca Stillman

    This mattress topper has completely transformed my bed and my whole sleeping experience. I was so afraid to spend this much money but I am so glad I did! It seriously feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. My normal aches that I used to wake up with are gone. I do wish that they added straps to it so that it could attach to my mattress for the sake of shifting, but it doesn”t really shift that much because of how thick it is. It was a great investment. I am so glad I picked this one.

  8. Crystal Harper

    I have been absolutely blown away by my new pillow from Majestic Beds. I have tried so many other pillows but I always seem to wake up with neck pain, so imagine my surprise when I woke up with no pain at all after my FIRST night of using my new pillow! It forms so well to my head and I can’t say enough good things about it. I also got a mattress topper which has been so comfortable. I love that it helps to regulate my body temperature at night. I will continue to be a customer for life.

  9. Jillian Williams

    Literally the best mattress topper I’ve ever laid on! Such an amazing company to work with as well!

  10. Mark Neymeiyer

    Awesome product, definitely a life changer, thank you so much!!!

  11. Tera P. Royal Oak, Mi

    I own a very high end memory foam mattress that was causing me to always wake up with shoulder and hip pain causing my arthritis symptoms to be even worse. After spending so much money on this bed and trying multiple toppers I could not possibly afford buying a new mattress. I purchased this topper, and felt the results the very first night. I am no longer waking up in pain. I am looking forward to buying a mattress from here in the future.

  12. Zach Mckinstry

    I play for the AAA Oklahoma City Dodgers and was trying to find a mattress topper for when i travel to different city’s that would help me rest and recover during the 140 game season. I have had issues with my lower back, hips, and shoulders in the past waking up in the middle of the night with legs and arms numb. Tossing and turning to try and find that perfect spot but never could find it. Until one of my college teams referred majestic beds. I have had a great experience with my new matters topper this year. I feel rested and alert throughout the day. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and my body has never felt so good at the end of the season. Thank you majestic beds for a great season!

  13. Lori G.

    In December 2018, I fell on a flight of stairs compressing a disc in L-1 of my lumbar curve. The pain was unbearable. Alan the owner recommend I add a Majestic mattress topper to create more cushion around my hips to give more relief to the injured area and to position the adjustable base to a “0” gravity position to ease my back pain. It worked. I could stay in the same position without a need to move to ease my pain and over the next few weeks I began to recover. I am back to 100% today and I will be sleeping on this bed for years to come.
    Great bed and great advice. I highly recommend Majestic Beds and their professional staff.

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