Majestic Plus Mattress

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Vs. Tempurpedic Soft Lux Breeze

Our Most Pressure Relieving Design with Adaptive Support. Originally Designed to Aid in Recovery from Hip & Shoulder Surgery.


The MAJESTIC-Plus Mattress boasts a proprietary layer of Ergo Gel, clinically proven for unsurpassed pressure management and personalized comfort.

The MAJESTIC-Plus Mattress design provides the cushioning conformant around the sensitive hip and shoulder joints to minimize painful counter pressure associated with sensitive joints. The MAJESTIC-Plus design also provides adaptive spinal support, promoting proper spinal posture to relieve back pain for both back and side sleepers.



The MAJESTIC-Plus utilizes an Ergo Gel layer for exceptional pressure relieving comfort for hip and shoulder chronic pain while promoting adaptive spinal support for a better night’s sleep.

Our pressure relieving Ergo Gel combined with the Ergo Comfort Layer absorbs more excess body heat to sleep cooler and more comfortably than any other retail bed.

MAJESTIC-Plus combines 4 layers of pressure relief and support. This is created by a top layer of Ergo Gel with two Ergo Comfort layers of liquid gel-infused 2nd generation HD memory foam layers seperated by a Ergo Transition Layer, creating soothing relief for shoulder and hip pressure point pain while promoting proper spinal support for enhanced body comfort.

The firmness of the Ergo Core Layer creates the stability needed to provide adaptive spinal support for back and side sleepers as well as the support needed to create the edge-to-edge sleep surface.

The mattress design relieves pressure point pain on sensitive shoulders, hips, knees, and heels, while promoting proper spinal posture and promotes unrestricted circulation for a better night’s sleep.

The edge-to-edge sleep surface independently molds to each person’s body mass. The fast recovery surface makes it easier to change sleeping positions.

The sleep surface does not telegraph your partner’s motion while reducing the need to toss and turn.

The 4-way stretchable poly-jacquard fabric cover is allergen resistant, and with its cooling technology fabric, it helps pass excess body heat through its cover and into the Ergo Gel Layer.

The MAJESTIC-Plus is recommended for those suffering from sciatica, scoliosis, disc issues, arthritis, hip/shoulder replacement, fibromyalgia, MS, MD, limited mobility, pressure-sensitive sleepers, sleeping too hot, and circulation issues.

The no-flip, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-dust mite mattress is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Weight – Supports up to 220lbs. per side.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Profile 10.5 inches
  • Anti-Dust Mite and Antimicrobial Treatment The mattress cover and components hinders the growth of dust mites and microbial organisms
  • Premium Fabric Cover Ergo 4-way super-stretch cover with cooling fabric technology. This helps pass excess body heat through its cover and into the Ergo Gel layer. In addition, the cover is allergen resistant and its super stretch properties minimize telegraphing your partner’s motion to help provide an undisturbed night’s sleep.
  • Ergo Gel Layer Boasts Exceptional Pressure Relieving Comfort and Support Backed by both medical and scientific studies, our patented gel layer’s pressure relieving gel and foam soccer-ball pattern relieves painful hip and shoulder counter-pressure providing better personalized comfort and adaptive spinal support than any other retail sleep surface on the market.
  • Sleeps Cooler Than Any Other Retail Sleep Surface Ergo Gel absorbs more excess body heat than any other competing retail sleep surface. The Ergo Gel Layer works by absorbing body to keep you cool all night long. While competing retail gel beds cool an average of 15 minutes before they begin reflecting body heat. Our patented cooling systems is almost 3 times thicker than any other “cooling” sleep surface on the market..
  • 4 Ergo Comfort Layers MAJESTIC-Plus is designed to minimize chronic shoulder and hip pressure point pain, while providing adaptive ergonomic spinal support regardless of sleeping position. Ergo Gel provides unsurpassed pressure management, comfort and support documented by medical and scientific studies. The Ergo Gel Layer is fused to the top of the first of two Ergo Comfort Layers to provide superior ability to cushion and support body sizes up to 220 lbs per side (options available for body sizes larger than 220lbs). The Ergo Transition layer is fused between the two Ergo Comfort Layers consisting of our patented liquid gel 2nd generation HD memory foam, which is denser than any other national brand and reacts immediately to changes in your sleeping position. The Ergo Transition Layer is a patented layer designed to enhance pressure relief when combined with the Ergo Gel and Ergo Comfort Layers.
  • Ergo Comfort Layer The Ergo Comfort Layer consists of liquid gel infused 2nd generation HD memory foam, that is denser than any other national brand memory foam and gel combination while reacting immediately to changes in your sleeping position. The Ergo Comfort Layer conforms around the hips and shoulders to relieve painful counter pressure while enhancing the comfort layers to create a sleep surface that does not restrict circulation.
  • Ergo Transition Layer Fused below the Ergo Support Layer is an Ergo Transition Layer, a patented hybrid comfort layer, which enhances the comfort layers ability to conform around the shoulders and hips while minimizing surface counter pressure to relieve shoulder and hip pain.
  • Core Layer The high density core serves as the “base” and enhances the feel of the Ergo Comfort Layers. The Core is designed to provide the support to create a full edge-to-edge sleep surface.
  • 15-Year Warranty A body impression of over ½-inch in the first 10 years is considered a failed mattress and in year 11 to 15 a body impression over 1-inch is considered a failed mattress. In addition, the Majestic Plus offers a mattress exchange option with its warranty. Please review the Majestic Warranty for a complete explanation of all terms and conditions.
Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Majestic Plus Mattress

  1. Joanne K.

    Felt relief from my shoulder pain the very first night, and every night since.

  2. Chris Greif

    The guys at majestic beds have done the research , have the knowledge and experience . Hands down the best beds!! I’ve had a majestic mattress for a couple months . I’ve been sleeping awesome ! My morning aches and pains are gone! The adjustable base is great . The body support is unmatched !

  3. Darlene Sekol

    I have owned a Majestic Bed for 5 years now and just upgraded to the new system. After being told I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and after surgery removal of a tumor, I received treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. This left me with pain and a lot of sleepless nights. My Husband went to a chiropractic seminar and met Majestic Beds. They explained their sleep systems and we bought it. From the moment I laid down on it my sleepless nights were gone! Thank you for a bed that I love

  4. Lori G.

    In 2017 I was scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery. I visited majestic beds. The owner recommened one of his mattresses with an adjustable power base so I could select different pain-relieving
    positions. When my Majestic-Plus mattress and power base was delivered and set-up, I was shown the sleep positions to use to minimize the pain and help me relax so I could get the sleep I needed. After the surgery, PTs and nurses visited me every day to monitor my recovery and after a week I was told I was in the 99 percentiles for recovery. They wanted to know what I was doing different than other patients and I told them about the bed. They asked to try it and were amazed with the comfort and support my bed had.

  5. Linda Grewkle

    This mattress has been an absolute blessing. 6 years ago I was involved in a car crash that resulted in a fractured pelvis, a crushed vertebrae, and damage to my shoulder that later needed surgery. Up until last year I had been sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress that was causing me to wake up throughout the night with sever pain in my back, and my shoulder if I was sleeping on my side. I was desperate to find a good nights sleep. I was then recommend to majestic beds by my doctor, and I have to say it was the best decision of my life. They were very knowledgeable and understanding of my conditions and spend over an hour with me just listening to what I was going through. At first I was skeptical as I did not think a mattress could have such an impact on my body, but after discussing the different medical studies their designs are based on and the different models they have, I decided to give it a chance. I purchased the Majestic Plus sleep system which also came with an adjustable base as a promotion they were doing. During the first few nights I had mixed thoughts as I was struggling to fall asleep. I voiced my concerns and they explained that a short adjustment period is normal, as my body is getting support in areas that it was not used to on my tempurpedic. By the end of the first week and to this day I have been sleeping pain free, waking up completely rejuvenated, and can honestly say that this purchase improved my live tremendously. I have recommend several people to majestic beds and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for helping me live life to the fullest again. God Bless!

  6. Sage Whyte

    The Majestic bed has been life changing for me. Wish I had the majestic bed a decade ago. I suffered from a lot of muscle/skeletal issues related to my past pregnancies. The majestic bed supports me like no other. My restless night are finally gone !

  7. Kathleen A.

    I am 61 and have been suffering from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats since I was 50. I was never getting a good night’s sleep. I usually slept 4 hours or so and then couldn’t go back to sleep due to being so hot and sweaty. Brain fog has been a huge issue as I never got a good night’s sleep. Last year I decided to trya new mattress and see if that would help. I remembered Alan (Founder) designed specialty beds, so I gave him a call.I selected the Majestic Sleep System he recommended along with a “Cool Touch” specialty mattress protector and received it week later on Saturday. The next morning, I texted Alan to tell him I had just slept 9 hours and when I woke up, the mattress surface was still cool to the touch! I was shocked and felt so well rested and had a great day! That was over a year ago. I have never slept better. The horrible fatigue I suffered from is gone. With good sleep practices (Majestic Sleep System and Cool Touch mattress protector, cooler room, lightweight sleepwear, lightweight sheets) I sleep well just about every night now and the night sweats are a thing of the past

  8. Alex McCarty

    I had always had troubles getting a deep and restful sleep throughout college and now into the working world. The bed I had was too short for my 6’6” body and had definitely seen it’s fair share of use over the years. My best friend recommended I try Majestic Beds and ever since I took delivery of my new Cal King mattress I have had a great nights sleep every night. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep. I never wake up in any pain from sleeping wrong and I would highly recommend looking into a mattress from Majestic Beds

  9. Jerry Leingfield

    My doctor recommended this mattress to me, to help alleviate my hip pain and aid in recovery from my surgery. This mattress has provided such huge benefit to me and has helped me greatly with recovering. I would highly recommend this bed for anyone suffering from hip pain.

  10. Mary and Randy H.

    Husband slept in a chair for months due to his shoulder pain. He hasn’t slept in the chair since we purchased our Majestic Mattress, and has less shoulder pain. Thank you Majestic Beds

  11. Destin Cantrell

    I have always had trouble sleeping because of pain in my shoulders, lower back, and legs. I just chalked it up to having had so many injuries because of my profession. I didn’t realize it was because of my old mattress. When I discovered Majestic Beds and saw that my old mattress could be causing me some issues when I sleep I decided to give them a try. I’m now able to actually sleep thru the night and I wake up feeling rested and not aching anymore, which I didn’t know was even possible. I’m excited to start the new season pain free and rested!

    Destin Cantrell
    Freestyle Motocross Athlete
    X Games Gold Medalist

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